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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Impromptu date night!

A couple of weeks ago, Dan travelled to Dubai and before he left my parents kept the kids so we could have a date night.  This past week he was in Ireland but he arrived home Thursday night.

Peter already had a sleep over scheduled with a friend from school and the day before, Cheyanne begged her mom to have Sarah sleepover on Thursday.  So the stars aligned and Dan and I were able to go out to dinner again with just the two of us.

Our first date night was at The Honey Pot.  If you live in the area and have never been, go!  It was delicious and we will definitely be going back.  However, on Thursday, I knew I didn't want to spend a ton of money on dinner but I also knew that I wanted to go downtown.  So we headed to 6th and Vine.  They've got pricey entrees but they also have a nice selection of appetizers and small plates.  And they've got wine (hence the name). 

I'm not a big wine person but I do love me a good craft beer and any restaurant worth it's salt will have a nice selection of those these days so we were good.

I ordered a cup of roasted red pepper and bacon soup to start.  It was wonderful.  I could have eaten a whole pot of it.  And then came my dinner which was really an appetizer/small plate.

I ordered this beautiful fried green tomato and goat cheese napoleon.  The menu description reads "Fried green tomatoes, roma tomato jam,brown sugar, pickled onions, and goat cheese stacked in a tower and topped with a balsamic reduction and basil."

And I had to snap a picture because it was so pretty.  I don't normally whip out my phone in a restaurant and snap a photo because it seems so dorky but I couldn't resist - much to Dan's chagrin.

We enjoyed our dinner and got caught up on what happened while he was out of the country. And then we weren't quite ready to head home so we walked over to The Small Batch Beer Company.

And just like the name implies, they serve beer that they brew in small batches.  I ordered a tasting flight with three different types of beer.  And once again, I thought it was so pretty that I had to take a picture and once again Dan was left shaking his head. 

I had a maple amber, a chocolate stout and a coconut stout.  They were all good but the coconut stout was my favorite.  

It was such a nice evening that when we got home, I wanted to snap a selfie of the two of us.  I knew there was no way Dan was going to agree to a selfie out in public because he loathes selfies.  But I did manage to convince him that we should take one at home. And I didn't really convince him so much as grab him around the neck and take it anyway. 

He's travelled ever since we've been married and I hate every minute he's gone. But boy am I happy when he gets home!  


Madeline said...

So fun!! What a great time. And that fried green tomato napoleon looks Heavenly!

Kelli said...

Sounds wonderful and your meal yum! My husband travels a lot of work as well..

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a lovely date night. The tomato concoction looks so delicious. We love date nites as well and will often do appetizers at one or two places. (within walking distance)
Love the capture of the two of you; pure bliss.

Dee said...

Oh I just love date night and your food looked so delicious. I had to laugh when you talked about taking pictures at the restaurant because I actually do this all the time. You know what? My husband shakes his head at me, too... lol.

My sister lives in Abu Dhabi which isn't too far from Dubai. She's been teaching at an elementary school there for the past 2 years. By the way, I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today. I really enjoyed the visit. Have a lovely weekend... :)

deborah said...

I tried to comment last week on this post from my husband's phone and it didn't go through.

Date nights are the best and I love taking pictures of food. It can be so pretty and so many restaurants do lovely, creative things. Both restaurant names sound intriguing and fun to try!

And I also relate to being so happy when my husband comes home. He doesn't travel like your husband does, but I am always glad for him to come home and so, so thankful for that in itself!!