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Friday, June 12, 2015

#Babble: 1st Week of Summer Vacay

The first week of summer vacation is coming to a close. 

The kids have gone to nightly swim practices (next week we start morning practices) and while they have been perfecting their strokes, Jennifer and I have been walking.  My plan was to get up early before Dan leaves for work to run but I just haven't been in the mood.  So Jennifer and I have been walking for an hour each evening. It's been enjoyable but so far has had zero impact on my muffin top or on the scale.  Have I mentioned before that being middle aged and trying to lose weight sucks?  I thought so.

My house has become a bit of a disaster zone throughout this past school year.  While it's always neat looking on the outside, I pity the fool that opens a cabinet or a closet because something is likely to fall out and land right on top of said fool's head!

I've made it my goal to try to straighten or clean at least one little area each day this summer.  This week I cleaned out Sarah's closet and dresser (clothes only, a lot of junk still remains), Peter's closet and dresser (clothes only, A LOT of junk still remains), two very messy kitchen cabinets, and the very messy closet/craft stash/school supply hoard in the guest bedroom.  

While that sounds like a lot on paper, when I look around at all the other places I stash/cram/shove things, I've got a lot more work to do.  But, there's still a lot of summer left so I'm going to soldier on.

The garden is finally starting to take shape.  Dan waters it and frets over it nightly thanks to our lack of rain but a huge water bill later and it's doing fine.  We've got some tiny little green tomatoes on the vines and I'm already mentally eating my first BLT.  And we've got some tiny cucumbers on the vines and the dill is going gangbusters so I'm mentally enjoying a side of those with my BLT as well!

Hello my little pretty!

The peppers are always so slow to start but hopefully they will catch up. The corn looks lovely growing in the garden but based on past experience, I'm pretty sure it's going to taste bad.  The peas started out gangbusters but they don't seem to be making much progress so I'm not sure what's going on there but there are lots of blooms, so fingers crossed that they actually do something.  And the basil and cilantro are growing quite nicely.  The chives other hand, never took so we we replanted that and are waiting patiently.

And that pretty much sums up our first week of vacation and this edition of #Babble is now closed!  Enjoy your weekend!


Madeline said...

That BLT is not far off my friend and I am jealous! Good for you for keeping the clutter monster at bay, even a little at a time. Glad you got through the first week of summer break in one piece.

Rosie said...

Those tomatoes look awesome!!! We've got some beautiful ones growing but I just spotted blossom end rot on one of my cherry tomatoes this morning and I'm reeeeeally hoping it doesn't affect any of the others :(