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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Have you guys heard of Firmoo?  Of course you have because I told you about them way back here.

They contacted me again and asked if I would be willing to review another pair of glasses.  And of course, I said yes!  (And yes, they sent me the glasses for free in return for my honest review.)

So I hightailed it over to and started perusing their selection.

They have a ton of styles and they are all extremely affordable.  You can easily upload a photo of yourself and beging "trying on" glasses.

I had a lot of fun playing around with the different shapes and colors and thought that I would go for bigger frames.  But I just didn't think they worked on my face and I ultimately decided to stick with something smaller and less noticeable.  (I feel like I'm a little too old to be wearing statement glasses so bigger felt clownish to my old fuddy-duddy self!)

See...too big...

I entered in my prescription information, (which by the way, your eye doctor must give it to you when you ask for it assuming that your last check up was within the last year), style number and selected the different options and that was it.

Within a week, I had these new beauties sitting on my face:

You can order reading glasses, prescription glasses, bifocals or even fashion frames without prescription lenses.  It was quick and easy and I am totally satisfied.  And right now, Firmoo is offering 50% off for new customers! So, what are you waiting for?  Order some new frames right now!


Madeline said...

Oh I like your frames. I actually just got new glasses from Firmoo two weeks ago!

Mari said...

SO cute! I never heard of Firmoo, but I may have to check them out. I need to get a new prescription first though.

Kelli said...

Love your frames.

Jill said...

I did a review on them a couple years ago, great products! Your glasses are adorable! Have an awesome day!