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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So, Peter wore his new "Jays" to school several times before one of his teachers informed him that high top sneakers weren't allowed per the uniform policy.

Um.  What?


I guess I should have thought to double check the uniform policy before making the purchase.  I knew of the no heels, no open toed shoes, no shoes with straps policy.  I also knew that the shoes must be brown, black, or navy.  But I failed to remember the part about no high tops.

Any chance Peter's feet will remain the exact same size until next basketball season?

I don't think so either.  ...sigh...

In other news, Peter and his group are working hard on their science project.  And when I say the group is working hard, I really mean the group of moms who are trying to coordinate 4 boys and their schedules are working hard.  But, I think after an abundance of emails and texts, we've finally got their next work session nailed down.

Seriously, I think they will spend less time working on the project this Friday afternoon than it took us to figure out a time to get them all together. 

But I'm not complaining (too loudly anyway) because the boys he's working with are all really great and their moms are too.

Although, next year, if doing the project solo is an option, I'm going to strongly recommend he take that route.  Cause you know what they say, "If mamma ain't happy..."

I've been working on our taxes.  Ugh.  Just one more project on my to do list.  I'm making good head way and should be done in a couple of days.  I think. I hope.

Sarah has been harassing me to get her a gym membership.  HA!  As if!

I told her that she doesn't need a gym membership because she has a big yard to run in,  a bike to ride on,  a trampoline to jump on, a basketball goal to practice on and a couple of flights of stairs to climb if necessary.

I tried to convince her that the main reason people go to a gym  is to use equipment that simulates the activities she can already do (running, biking, climbing, jumping) for free at home.  She's not buying it.

After I nixed the gym membership, she asked me to buy her a stationary bike or a treadmill.  Again, she didn't like the reasoning that she can run or bike without any bulky or expensive equipment.

The conversation ended with a lot of whining (her, not me for a change) and then her deciding to do a workout DVD. And then, she decided that "Jillian Michael's abs are probably painted on anyway so I'm NOT doing a workout DVD."

And with that, I'm all #babbled out!


Mari said...

That is so frustrating! I guess he'll enjoy those shoes on his days off.
Group projects are so hard. My girls both had terrible times with them in college. It seems that coming up with a time is even harder then, plus some people could still use a mom to tell them to do their work. :)
Hope it goes well!

Busy Bee Suz said...

No high tops? What??? So many rules.....gee.
Coordinating a group project sounds like a project.
I wonder where Sarah got this 'gym' idea from? Kids are so funny.

Amelia Bentrup said...

"Jillian Michael's abs are probably painted on."

I think that's the funniest thing I've read in a long tme!!

Billie Jo said...

I swear...Your Sarah and my Madison are twins!!!!!!
Sorry about the sneakers. Ugh.

Madeline said...

Bummer on the shoes. (I thought everyone had them?) Sarah cracks me up!!

Lux G. said...

Well, he can always wear his shoes when you guys go out. :)

Lesson learned. We've all been there so don't sweat it.

Have a fantastic weekend!