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Friday, March 6, 2015

7QT - The why not? It's Friday and it's been a while edition.

It's been a while and it's Friday so let's do 7 Quick Takes!

1.  Funny things the kids said recently:

Sarah and I were in the car listening to the radio and a commerical came on that said something along the lines of, "You know what brings people together?"  And then another voice said, "Tee-shirts!  That's right, tee-shirts.  Call blah blah blah company for all your screen printing and tee-shirt needs...."

And Sarah said, "Tee shirts don't bring people together mom!  It's cake!  Cake brings people together!"

And one night when I was making bacon, Peter loudly exclaimed, "Bacon is the one reason I could not be a vegetarian!"

So I say, let them eat cake AND bacon!

2.  And speaking of bacon - I've completely abandoned the Atkins Diet.  I was going gangbusters with it in the fall and then decided to take a bit of a break around Thanksgiving and start back up on January 1st.  But then life happened and well, I looked up and realized that it was Fabruary already and the Atkins Diet had been abandoned for a whole monthly longer than I planned.

So I got back on the wagon but I decided to be totally on the diet Monday through Friday and go off on the weekends.  And even as I was trying it, I knew it wouldn't work.  I know the science behind the diet and you have to be committed.  So I'd lose a couple of pounds during the week and then gain those same two pounds back on the weekend and then I'd lose them again and then I'd find them again.

Wash, rinse, repeat.  And that was February.

On Tuesday of this week, I decided that if I wasn't able to fully commit to the rules of Atkins then I needed to plan a different approach.  So, I'm back to low fat and running.

And it's just as well.  Sarah's Girl Scout Troop is doing the Color Run with the moms and she's excited.  It seems knowing that we are going to be running was just the boost I needed to dig out my running shoes and hit the pavement.

We'll give this a shot for the month of March and see if I can make any progress on those last 15 pounds of baby weight.  I had given myself a year to get them off, but it's going to take longer.

3.  Remember that cute mother-daughter selfie from yesterdays post?  Well, look how much cuter it looks with an Instagram filter:

Before Filter                                                                             After Filter

Wouldn't it be nice if we could always apply an Instagram filter to our faces?  Wrinkles, red spots, acne scars, be gone!

4.  Dan was helping both kids with their math homework the other night while I was washing the dinner dishes.  It was just so cute that I had to secretly snap a picture and of course, if a picture has been snapped it most be posted somewhere so straight to Facebook it went. 

This photo looks totally staged but I can assure you it's not.  Peter's stance cracks me up.  The way Sarah is looking intently at Peter's math book. The whole thing just makes me smile. 

And the fact that Dan was the one helping them with their math and not me really made me smile!

5.  Track practice started yesterday.  Of course it was pouring down rain so we had practice in the gym but the kids still got a good workout.  They were both complaining of being sore this morning!

6.  Yikes!  Looking at that picture of them doing math at the table makes me think I need to redo the art work and plates on the wall.  It's got a very 1980s vibe happening.  Pinterest would be very disapponted in me!

7.  And I'd like to give a big shout out to Madeline at A Dash of Snark.  She made three recipes she got from my blog in one weekend.  That's brave Madeline - real brave!  But she enjoyed them all.  Whew! 

And with that, I'm out.  Have a great week and don't forget to head to Kelly's for mo better takes.


Renee said...

Love the homework photo. The use of a textbook & pencils, match the plates well.

Renee said...

Love the homework photo. The use of a textbook & pencils, match the plates well.

Billie Jo said...

Yes Sarah!
Cake does indeed!!!! : )
P.S. Love the Insta filters too. : )

Michelle said...

Cake and bacon are 2 important food groups!lol I'm hungry now!:)

Suburban Correspondent said...

I want a real-life filter, too.

Mari said...

Cake and bacon are very good indeed!
I like the instagram filter too and I think the idea of one for life is good. :)
I love that picture of Dan and the kids.

Madeline said...

I love the picture of them doing homework. And the fact you got out of math homework!

deborah said...

I agree on both accounts~yes, to cake and bacon! :)

Love the use of filters for photos. And I'd be all for you use-in-real-life idea.

The homework photo is fun! I love it when I can capture moments like that with my camera. I'm always framing stuff in my mind, even when my camera's not handy.

And we can't have everything up to Pinterest standards! ;) Instead of keeping up with the Jones', now it it keeping up with Pinterest? Ha!

Have a good week!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Cake AND bacon? LOL!!!!
Have you tried weight training yet? I started intently in late November; twice a week and I've noticed SUCH a huge difference in my body. I refuse to diet even though I need to lose some lbs. So....I've not lost any weight, but I've gone down a size in clothes (muscle weighs more than fat) and am feeling better physically.
The color run sounds like a great event for you and Sarah.
The photo looks like a Norman Rockwell! Love it.