Monday, September 23, 2013

Picture Day really makes me appreciate a nice, simple school uniform.

Sarah's been practicing her smile for a week now.  Want to know why?

Because today is picture day!

And yes, apparently if you want to make sure you don't mess up your picture you need to practice your smile.  So I've seen my fair share of fake smiles this weekend.  I tried to coach her to a more casual less Disney Channel child-star smile. 

And then there was the outfit.  We took a trip to Target to make sure that we purchased just the right attire.  Apparently she was afraid I was going to mess it up if I did it without her. So off to Target we went.

She fell in love with this dress...

 Except we both hated the gold toned belt that came with it.  So we found a silver belt that looked much better with it. 

Up next was shoes.  Sarah loves in particular.  When she saw these grey boots she went nuts.  Since they sort of matched the silver belt (they have silver studs on the side you can't see) and sort of pulled the whole outfit together, I agreed and we got them as well.
As she was dressing this morning, she told me that she "totally could have made the gold belt work".  All she needed to do was wear one of her gold necklaces.  I didn't mention that the gold belt and the silver boots would have clashed because knowing my little fashionista, she would have made that work too.

Sarah fretted for two weeks about how to wear her hair. Curly, blown out straight, wavy, in a bun. After a lot of though, she decided a few days ago that she wanted me to braid it the night before so it would be wavy this morning.  

And then there's Peter.  I took him for a haircut last week because he was getting a little shaggy.  His self-imposed bald spot is almost grown in but not quite.  He doesn't care a thing about pictures or what he's wearing or how he looks.

Without his input, I bought him a red knit polo shirt (my boy looks good in red!) to go with a pair of red and navy plaid shorts he had already had.

I failed to remember however that his shorts were getting a little tight but then realized no one would see the waist of his shorts because he could just wear his shirt untucked.

But then, this morning, I remembered that his teacher is a stickler for shirts tucked in.  It's part of the uniform code that the boys must have their shirts tucked in at all times and their pants must be belted.  However this doesn't apply on gym day or a dress down day.  But Peter's teacher even makes the kids tuck in their gym tee shirt into their gym shorts.  It looks a bit ridiculous and she's the only teacher that does it but I appreciate the fact that his teacher is trying to instill discipline into these kids.

And since his teacher gives strikes for untucked shirts, Peter decided he better tuck his shirt into his shorts and wear a belt.  (4 strikes in one week equals detention!)

Sarah looked like a little diva this morning and Peter looked like a preppy stuffed sausage. Keeping my fingers crossed that these turn out okay because I am not up for redos!


Billie Jo said...

Oh...picture day! Yep...the joys of picture day!

Sounds like you got it covered, my friend.

I love your daughter's choice of outfit.

Can't wait to see the pictures...that is always so stressful, isn't it? That moment when you first pull them pit of the envelope!

The kids are teasing me this year...wondering if I am going to take the school their "uniforms" aka sweats and a t shirt!

Have a great day, friend!

Billie Jo said...

I mean "out" of the envelope...clearly I can't use spellcheck correctly!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The joys of parenting! Do your kids actually have more than their faces in the school pics? {Ours only show the neck up} I kinda think the photos that come out 'not so perfect' really tell a story too...but I'm hoping yours had a great picture day!