Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A beautiful way to start the day.

I sent the kids upstairs to get dressed and I began to wash the breakfast dishes.  I glanced up and noticed a strange pink hue coming into the windows. 

The sunrise must be gorgeous, I thought.  I opened up the backdoor and looked east.  I saw beautiful pink clouds adorning a pale blue sky.  A golden glow beamed from behind  the clouds. 

It was breath taking. I really should have grabbed the camera but we were running out of time.

I went upstairs to check on the kid's progress and Peter exclaimed, "Mom!  It looks weird outside!"

I told him the sunrise was gorgeous and was casting a pink glow over everything. He quickly ran to the eastward facing bonus room window.

As I walked toward the end of the hall, I could see his dark silhoutte in front of the pink and blue and golden sky. 

And even more than a picture of that beautiful sunrise, I wanted a picture of my son admiring God's handiwork.

I eventually got everyone out the door and in the car.  My husband is on a business trip so I had drop off duty.

As we were pulling onto the highway, I looked to my left and saw the end of a rainbow.

"Kids!  Look!  A rainbow!"  I announced.

"Where?  Where?" was quickly replaced with "Cool!" and "So pretty!"

And then, "Look! There's the other end!"

And that beautiful rainbow was beside us the whole way to school.


Mari said...

I love mornings that start like that start like that - and you even got a rainbow!
Next time get a picture. :)

Billie Jo said...

Such a nice way for you all to start the day!

Grandma T said...

It was an awesome morning! You could almost hear the Lord saying, "look what I painted for you today...enjoy"!