Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trying to get organized...

The school year is well underway at this point.  Sarah had an hours worth of homework last night.  She sat right down when she got home from school and got down to business.

Peter completed his written work and then asked for a break before he started studying.  He's in 5th grade this year so a lot of his homework will be studying instead of written homework.

Peter's teacher is extrememely organized and for each student, she made a sprial folder with a pocket for each subject.  Peter is responsible for putting any worksheets or written homework in that folder and bringing it home. 

At the Parent/Teacher meeting she stressed that it is her goal to teach the kids to be organized and to learn how to schedule their time so they can get everything done.

She also stressed that now they won't just be able to study for a test the night before and be prepared for it.  She expects them to study some every night.  I like this concept!  In order to get the kids in this habit, she sends home a slip of paper each night with what she expects them to be studying.  She requires the students to write how long they studied each subject (10 minute minimum) and then a parent has to sign it. 

So last night Peter reviewed his multiplication facts, memorized the 23rd Psalm, reviewed 10 states, their capitals and their abbreviations.  He was supposed to also study for an upcoming spelling test and a vocabulary test but he forgot those two books.  I sure am hoping her organizational techniques rub off on Peter because he tends to be a bit flighty and forgetful when it comes to bringing things home he needs to study.

I think Peter is going to have to do some adjusting but I  think he will do well once he gets into the swing of things.  He just needs to get used to doing things in advance instead of waiting until the last minute.

And speaking of last minute, the kids were walking out the door this morning when Sarah exclaimed, "I have P.E. today!" 


She quickly ran upstairs and changed from her normal school uniform into her gym uniform. (They wear their gym uniform all day when it's gym day and their regular uniform the other 4 days of the week.)  And if you don't have your gym uniform on, the P.E. teacher deducts 10 points from your daily grade.

Whew.  Close call.  Sounds like Mommy needs to be a little better organized as well.  Last year they both had P.E. on Thursdays.  This year, it's Sarah on Tuesdays and Peter on Wednesdays. 

I think maybe I need a special folder as well!

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Mari said...

I remember all the stuff I had to remember when my kids were in school. I think a Mom folder is a great idea!