Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sox win! Sox win!

When we were in Massachusetts last week, we took the kids to their very first Red Sox game!  Well, technically, Peter went 10 years ago while in utero but since he doesn't remember, we aren't going to count that one.

The kids had a great time, especially Peter. Sarah was hoping for more ice cream and other food treats like we normally get at the local single A games but since the prices at the Red Sox are a wee bit more Major League than Minor League, we did not indulge her.

Here are a few pictures:

Outside of Fenway Park with Jillian, my neice.  Dan's two brothers and sister-in-law also joined us at the game.

After the game.  The Sox beat the Mariners!

The kids with Uncle Bob and Jillian.

My husband and his brother rarely give good smiles for the camera.  What's up with that????

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