Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I haven't one a 7 Quick Takes in a while so I thought I would see if I could come up with seven whole things to write about.

1.  Yesterday after school I met with Sarah's teacher.  I signed up to be Grade Parent for the 4th grade class and one of my duties is to sit down with the teacher at the beginning of the year and plan out all the parties, field trips, etc. so that I can upload all the information into the new school computer system - School Speak.  This way, all the parents can see what items they need to bring and when and what field trips they need to drive for and when, and any other things they can help with.

Luckily, her teacher already had everything planned so it was more of an information exchange than a brainstorming/planning session.

2.  And speaking of SchoolSpeak, I think I'm going to like it.  All of the school info is in SchoolSpeak.  The school calendar, the lunch menu and order forms, every other form you have to fill out (so nice to be able to do it online AND there's a copy function for families with more than one student), volunteer sign-ups, etc. are all in one place.

Each grade even has their own page so I can easily check the kid's homework assignments and upcoming tests and projects.

3.  Yesterday I made two pies!  Two!  I made a chicken pot pie which turned out to be pretty tasty.  I used this recipe from The family loved it so I will be making it again.

4. I also made a creamy blueberry pie.  The recipe is from  I made this one multiple times and the only thing I do differently from the recipe is add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice to the sour cream.  Everyone loves this pie.  Dan even eats it and he doesn't really like fruit pies.

4.  Speaking of blueberries...I used the blueberries that the kids and I picked last weekend.  It was the last day the farm was selling blueberries and the kids had been asking to go.  $8 for a gallon of blueberries!  What a bargain. 

5. This morning I tried something from Pinterest and it seemed to work!  I soaked my feet in equal parts warm water and vinegar for about 15 minutes and then I scrubbed the bottoms of my feet with a Magic Eraser.   The actual instructions said to use a pumice stone but I don't have one so I improvised.  I think I got the same results because my feet were nice and soft and not quite as scaly looking as they normally are.  (Gross, too much information, right?)

6.  Last week, when Peter didn't have any homework, he Skyped with one of his friends on his Nexxus while playing a game with him on the home computer.  So I got to overhear their conversations.  I swear, I felt like I was back in college at a frat party because that's the last time I remember hearing  "bro" and "dude" so many times in such a short period.

But the best was when Peter upped his game and used "broski".  Sarah looked at me and said, "Did you just hear what Peter called Jackson?"  We both rolled our eyes at that one.

7. But Sarah doesn't get off quite so easily because she likes to say "totes" which if you aren't aware is the way the younguns these days say totally.  For instance, "Mom, these shoes are totes cute!"  or "Mom, my hair looks totes awesome this morning."

Well, broski, I'm totes out of Quick Takes so have a great Labor Day weekend and don't forget to head over to Conversion Diary for more 7QTs!


Mari said...

Ha! You make me laugh.
I'm going to have to try that on my feet - they're pretty scaly too. :)
I must be old - I haven't heard of totes yet.

Aimee said...

Broski - love it!
And my teenage to early 20s cousins use totes all. the. time. on Facebook and everywhere else. And "adorbs" for adorable, as in: "Those shoes are totes adorbs!" I guess we can just start shortening any and all words now to sound cool, right? Totes. ;-)