Sunday, July 7, 2013

WIWS: The Sarah Says It Doesn't Match Edition.

I have finally fully recovered from my latest bout with strep throat! I normally bounce back with in a day or two but this time it took my until about Thursday evening until I finally felt 100% like my old self. So to celebrate, I decided to wear an outfit to Mass today that Sarah said didn't match. I'm such a rebel.

And I knew should would say that.... but... remember when I wore the same skirt here? 

And in that post I said that a fashion blogger said that black and white skirts were in this summer.  But to really make them pop,you needed to wear them with a brightly colored top.  So:

Here you go!  Brightly colored top!

And the shoes I wore with the skirt last time were returned to Target because THEY SQUEAKED THE ENTIRE WAY TO THE ALTER FOR COMMUNION.  THE ENTIRE WAY.  AND WE NORMALLY SIT IN THE BACK OF OUR LARGE CHURCH!

It was horrifying.  So I promptly took them back to Target, admitted that I wore them once but that they SQUEAKED.  And they took them back.  Good retailer!

So I paired the outfit with these pink shoes.  Probably a little too much pink but it's what I had so I went with it.  And then I took a long necklace and doubled it up to give it some black on top for balance.  That makes it sound like I know what I'm talking about.

Even though Sarah says it doesn't match, I think it looks pretty good.  And I didn't feel as dorky as I thought I would with my bright pink top on.

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My all time fave WIWS photo.  My head is not on here!  Love it!

Check the strange pink pose.  I really should have been a catalog model.  All this talent wasted!


Unknown said...

Love the skirt. :)


Rosalie Shiffler said...

Definitely not too much pink! The shoes are so fun, and tie in nicely with the shirt.

Rosie said...

It totally matches - you tell her the internet says she's wrong! I love that skirt - the stripes are so fun :)

onecatholicmama said...

You look great...and the shirt and skirt go great together!

Life in a Small Town said...

I would have never thought to pair that, but it looks great! (and I'm not known for my fashion sense!)

Falling Owl said...

With all that pink it is such a happy outfit. I like you toe nail polish.