Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We've been looking for those for a while now!

We had the best swim meet yesterday.  They best, Jerry. The best!

We made it through the entire thing with no rain, no thunder and no lightening!  It was so great to be done in only 4 hours and it was equally great not to be wet.

But the best thing of all?

My kids swam so well.  I was so proud of them.  The last swim meet of the regular season is always bittersweet because by then, the kids are really swimming well and you hate to see it end.

Both the kids got first place finishes on their freestyle relays and medley relays.  Sarah finished 1st in freestyle, 1st in back stroke and 2nd in butterfly. Sarah's a great swimmer and always rocks it out!

Peter finished 3rd in backstroke, 1st in butterfly and the best of all?  He finished 1st in his individual medley relay!

He first raced that event last week but got disqualified for his breast stroke kick.  But this week, I told him to just go slow and steady and concentrate on the strokes and not to worry about winning. 

He was in second place the whole time but at the very end, on the freestyle lap, he looked over and realized his teammate David was edging him out so he actually kicked it in and poured it on.  And he won!  It was by less than half a second but he won!

I was trying to remain calm but I was jumping up and down like a fool.  Dan wasn't there so I was grabbing Jennifer's shirt while jumping up and down like a fool.  Normally I would have been screaming like a fool too but the IMs are at the end of the meet so there were less people at the pool and it was fairly quiet and I didn't want to sound like a fool in addition to looking like a fool.

Also, David's parents were standing near us and I thought it would be tacky to be screaming so loud for Peter when it was such a close race.

But, oh, I was proud of that kid!  Best of all?  He was so proud of himself!

Maybe he's finally found his speed and his competitive side! 

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Courtney said...

Way to go, Peter!