Saturday, January 12, 2013

Santa's Lost Hat

I mentioned yesterday that Sarah wrote a story over Christmas break and I told her I thought it was so good I would publish it on my blog.  I am a mom of my word so here it is. (Please note, I have kept the punctuation and spelling exactly as she had it.)

Santa's Lost Hat
by Sarah Cotell (8 years old)

It was Christmas Eve and Santa has no clue where his bushey red hat was. 

"Mrs. Claus?" said Santa. Do you know where my hat is?

"Why no no I don't." she said in confustion.

Well I'd be go and help you find it.

"Yes please," signed Santa. Tonight I have to go through the cold bradle (brittle) winds and my bald head will freeze!

"Don't say that deer," said Mrs. Claus. Well'le find a way.

"Mrs. Claus" we will have to have a search party! 

Sure whatever we need.  We don't want you to get a cold.

As Santa went in to check on the elves he notised a red hat.

Is that what I think it is!

"Mrs. Claus" Santa yelled clankingly. Get in hear! I think thats my hat!

As Santa and Mrs. Claus where talking about the found of Santa's hat and elf scurred over to secretly grab the hat.  Santa reached into the landry piel to take his hat.  He found out the red soft hat wasint there.

Santa has always belived in his elves.  The elves from the North Pole of corse not from the Soth Pole. In most ways Santa is enimeis with Soth Pole elves.

"Santa", come aon grab the hat." said Mrs. Claus.

"It's not there," Santa said intregingly. (interestingly?)

What do you mean it's not there?

"Then where did it go?" asked Mrs. Claus. (She marked out "in an agresive way) at this point.)
I'll be right back. I think I have some hats that you will like even better that that old ripped up one you call nice.

As Mrs. Claus got the new hats Santa asked the elves if they have seen it.

As you can see a South Pole elf stoles Santa's hat.

"Santa" called Miss Claus thes hats will be magastic on your cute little head.

Santa looked close at the hats and finiily said those are the uglyist hats ever.

"What do you mean theas are great hats," Mrs. Claus said in amasment.

This one doesn't even match my outift.

"Well do you want a hat or not?" Mrs. Claus asked as Santa complaiend.

Santa filled the slaih sadly and signed.

Mrs. Claus saw how deppressed Santa was and thought she had to do something.

She knew that the hat had to be in the washing machine. When Mrs. Claus opnd the door it wasnt in there.  Mrs. Claus one had got triked by South Pol Elves and it was with a hat too. The South Pole elves didn't have hats to keep them war so they stole some.  Mrs. Claus hurred down to the South Pole. 

She rushed and ran.  Mrs. Claus snuck into there casle wich was mostly a food court. The hat was crisp clear on a bald head of an elf.  She quickly snached the head warming hat and ran home.   A still deppresed Santa sat on the couch.  She said to him "Merry Christmas".  Thank you thank you! yelled Santa.

The year of 2009 was a year of warmth and joy all because of ...........a hat!

The End!


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT!!! And quite delightful! I believe we all may just have read the first of many books written by the future, famous author, Sarah D. Cotell.


Mari said...

Good job Sarah! I really enjoyed this story. I never knew about the South Pole Elves before. :)

Anonymous said...

(Read this next sentence clankingly). That's the BEST STORY I've read in a long time!
But Sarah, you make me want to run to visit the South Pole elves. Since their castle is mostly a food court. ;-)