Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm not a horse, but I was prancing!

The only reason I left the house yesterday was to pick the kids up from school.  It was a rainy, dreary day (third one in a row) so I was okay with wearing jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers all day.

Today, the fourth day in a row of wind, rain, and general dreariness and with snow in the forecast tonight and the knowledge that with even the tiniest bit of snow on the ground the schools would be closed tomorrow; I decided I was getting out of the house this morning.

As I reached for a hoodie and my sneakers, I decided NO!  Not today.  I will not let this weather and my general laziness dictate that I look like a slob today.

I put on an actual shirt, with my shoe booties and even a scarf to add color and interest.  And then I went one step further.  I pulled out my yellow trench coat.  And voila! 

I felt fabulous running my errands this morning.  And truth be told, I felt more than fabulous, I felt proud of myself for not looking like the rest of the ladies in Target this morning.  No hoodies or yoga pants for me!  I felt superior to these other mothers.  That's right - superior! Because I thought I looked better. I think I may have actually even been prancing around Target.

Prancing. (I blame the prancing on the shoe booties.  These boots are made for prancing!)


I think you know where this is going.

God doesn't like pride.  And I will admit, I was full of it this morning.

So He decided one of those wind gusts that turn your umbrella inside out was just the thing I needed.  I may have looked pretty snazzy in Target but I looked like a  half-drowned puppy in Lowes and Home Goods and Walmart.

Nothing like a lot of wind and a lot of rain to remind me that no one is superior to anyone else and pride really does goeth before the fall...

Even if that fall is just your hair and make-up!


Mari said...

You are so funny! You really look nice, and I say good for you! Sorry about the half drowned part though.

deborah said...

Pride isn't cool, but it is fun to like what you're wearing and enjoy it! Don't know why it's so easy to always compare ourselves to others. I fall into that trap too often.

Love the coat! it looks great on you.