Thursday, September 20, 2012

You've got to have something with that bedtime glass of milk.

Yesterday I ran three miles and had a salad for lunch. I then proceeded to eat 10 chocolate chip cookies with frosting.

Or maybe it was 11.

You may think I'm joking but sadly, I am not. And 6 of those 10 or 11 cookies was at bedtime.  Bedtime.  The absolute worst time to eat anything much less 6 chocolate chip cookies with frosting.

I stepped on the scales this morning and realized that those 11 cookies had already translated themselves into extra poundage.  Apparently while I was sleeping soundly, those cookies were working hard, making their way to my rear end and my muffin top.

So this morning I decided to run as fast as I could for three miles.  I guess this was my attempt to outrun those 11 cookies.

And according to my fancy Garmin watch I ran the first mile in 10:20, the second mile in 11:25 and the third mile in 11:16 making my average pace 11.05. 

This summer I was running a 12 - 13 minute mile but when the kids went back to school, I decided if I ever wanted to run a 10k I needed to start running faster.  So that has been my focus for the last few weeks.

And this morning, I ran my fastest yet!  Under 11 minutes for a mile.  And my knees aren't screaming.

Not bad for an old lady who likes cookies.

And frosting.

At bedtime.

Perhaps I should have more tonight?

This little cookie looks so innocent, doesn't it?


Colleen said...

OK, first of all, those cookies are so teensy you would have to eat ten just to taste them. And good for you on the running faster. I find it's easier to do speedwork on a treadmill because you have no choice but to keep up or fall off :) I'm trying to increase my speed too, it's tough!!

Mari said...

Yay for you for running and for increasing your speed. As for the cookies - I had a day like that last week, and am now trying to make up for it. :)

deborah said...

I'm with you on the cookies! I love cookies and many other sweets way too much!

Congrats on the run! Super exciting!

Courtney said...

Have you ever thought about doing a half marathon? How about a running group with Fleet Feet? I just started training for the Mistletoe Half this morning with FF's training group and it's going to be a lot of fun! I was running 5ks on my own for a couple of years until a few months ago when I did a training class with FF and successfully ran my first half marathon in March. Nothing's helped me with my running more than this class (also, nothing's helped me with the extra pounds as much as running). :)