Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We had quite the Memorial Day weekend.

We had Jennifer's family over for a cookout on Saturday. Here's the only picture I have of that:

On Sunday after church and lunch at my parent's house, Sarah had a birthday party to attend.  It was at the skating rink.  She has skates that she uses in the driveway and she's been ice skating a couple of times but she's never been to the roller skating rink.  I expected her to spend a lot of time of the floor but surprisingly, after a few spills, she was zooming around the rink like a pro. 

After the skating rink, she spent the night at the birthday girl's house so we figured it was a good time to have Peter's friend Chris over for a sleepover.  We lit up the chiminea and let them roast marshmallows and make smores.

And on Monday, we spent the afternoon at the pool.  It was packed but we had a good time splashing around. 

And now, it's down to less than two weeks of school and lots of end-of-year activities to squeeze in. 

Where has the school year and all my "free time" gone?  And why aren't my cabinets organized and my baseboards scrubbed? 

Hmmmm....perhaps those will be good summer activities for bored children? 


Laural Out Loud said...

Oh my gosh, your kids have grown so big! I remember roller skating days, back when I was YOUNG. I think I tried on a pair of skates a few years ago and didn't even get one foot before I fell- they felt so weird and heavy, lol. Glad you had such a great weekend :-)

Colleen said...

You are such a fun Mom! Your son's friend is having a blast :)

deborah said...

It looks like the boys were having a great time!

My kids like roller skating. Our small local town has a small local roller skating rink. It is closed in the summer because it has no air conditioning. We try to get there a couple times during the winter and they always love it.

I'm sure scrubbing baseboards would be a wonderful summer activity for kiddos! :)