Friday, May 18, 2012

9-year-old boys do giggle. But they can also make a pfffffftt noise too!

Overheard as I was driving the kids home:

Peter: "Hey Colton, there's this boy in my class named Sam and he likes this girl in my class named Allie."

Colton: "Yeah?"

Peter: "And she likes him back! They're!"

insert  nine-year-old-boy giggling

Colton: "Remember that boy in Kindergarten who liked that girl?"

Peter and Colton simultaneously: "pfffffffftt" 

insert nine-year-old-boy eye-rolling

I told Peter and Colton that 3rd grade was too young to be boyfriend and girlfriend.  I wanted to continue the discussion but I could tell they had already moved on to a different topic.

I was silent as I continued to drive but in my mind I was telling Peter that for now he should stick to playing computer games, practicing guitar, building with Legos, walking around the back yard with sticks pretending they are guns, riding his bike and doing all the other things nine-year-old boys do that don't involve nine-year-old girls.

There will be plenty of time for girls.


Much later.

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Laural Out Loud said...

Such a cute story! My daughter tells similar tales of kids having crushes on each other at school (she's in 2nd grade), but her father has scared her away from ever admitting to anything herself! I tell her there'll be plenty of time for all that later, and he tells her there will NEVER be time for that, lol.