Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like I told Jennifer on Facebook - Only I can complain about a beach trip!

So the kids and I joined my mom and dad for a long weekend at the beach.  Dan was supposed to join us but because his father was in the hospital he stayed back to take care of him.

I debated back and forth about not going to the beach without Dan.  The kids had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and I know my mom and dad had been too so in the end I decided to go.

I'm not going to lie.  Going to the beach with two kids is hard.  When we go to the beach, Dan is the one that plays out in the deep water with the kids while I stand on the edge of the water or sit in the sand and constantly survey the scene to make sure everyone is present and accounted for after each wave has passed.  My kids are good pool swimmers but I take the ocean seriously - it can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous.

I told the kids up front that I wasn't going in as deep as daddy usually did so they were just going to have to deal with it.  And deal with it they did.  After their initial disappointment they had lots of fun playing in the waves up to their stomachs as I stood guard. 

One afternoon the waves were very rough because there were storms brewing in the distance.  And another morning, there was another storm  causing rough waves and riptides.  Riptides, people! I tried to explain them to the kids and what to do if they got caught up in one and I honestly think I put the fear of God into them.  They decided to stay very close to the edge that morning.  Yep, that's me.  Taking the fun out of everything since 1969!

We missed Dan a lot. It just didn't feel right being there without him.  But I knew he was doing what he needed to do and the kids and I were trying hard to enjoy ourselves.  I love spending time with my parents and I know they love spending time with the kids.  And even though I was a nervous Nellie every time we went to the beach, we still had fun playing in the water and enjoying the sand and the sun and the jelly fish.  (I have never seen so many jelly fish washed up no the beach!)

I have lots of experience taking care of the kids without Dan thanks to the many business trips he has to go on.  But for some reason, this trip just seemed harder. It was nice to be at the beach but it did not feel like a vacation. 

This trip made me thankful that I am not a single mom, that I have a strong partner in my husband and when he is not with me, it makes me realize what a great team we are together.

 insert sappy love song lyrics here

Okay, I guess I won't make you listen to any sappy love songs, instead, here are some pictures that I took when I wasn't nervously biting my nails:

Me and the kiddos!

Frolicking in the waves.

Taking a walk on the beach.

Peter likes to carry a gun.  Shhh...don't tell him it's just a stick!

Little cutie!

Handsome boy!

The house we stay in is in the background.

On the pier.

My sweet mom and dad.  Aren't they adorable?

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Jill Elaine said...

I can so agree with you. While I've never taken kids to the beach by myself I can say I really never want to! I want to go to the beach to relax and enjoy myself - not worry about kids being in the water - LOL! Looks like you did a great job though and your kids will love you for it:)

Anonymous said...

Not the same......however, surely glad you went!!


Mari said...

I used to be nervous about the beach when my kids were young too - especially when there was an undertow! Glad you had fun though. What a beautiful place!

Jeff said...

Hey!!! You sap, you :)
I've got your perfect 'insert sappy love song'... Karen Carpenter, "There's a Kind of Hush".