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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Senior Sunrise and the beginning of all the graduation events....

 Things are getting busy as we head towards Sarah's high school graduation.  On Friday she was up at the crack of dawn and headed to school to join the rest of the senior class for Senior Sunrise.  It was an overcast morning and I was worried there wouldn't be anything to see but...

God hears our prayers and answered with a pink sunrise that managed to break through the clouds!

After the sunrise, Sarah and "the Basement" headed to a local diner for breakfast.  I've asked Sarah before why they call themselves the Basement and I haven't really gotten a good answer.  It sounds like they jokingly at some point referred to themselves as that (even though they don't hang out in anyone's basement) and they named their group chat that and it has stuck!

Friday was also Fine Arts Day at school so they didn't have to be back on campus until 10:00 am.  And they spent the whole day outside enjoying musical and theatrical performances, checking out all the art displays, and eating food prepared by various clubs and groups within the school.  There was even an ice cream truck!  And best of all, they had plenty of time to sign yearbooks.  Sarah was a little sad when she came home. She's had a really great year and she's wise enough to know that even though she will always keep these kids as friends, it's never really going to be the same.

Yesterday she had  two exams (she had already taken her AP exams) and she is now officially done with high school!  She has graduation practice tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning is Class Day (which is an awards day and it's the last day that the senior class is at Bishop together.) Thursday night is the baccalaureate mass and then graduation is Friday morning! 

Dan's sister Cathy is coming in to town to join us for the festivities but we warned her that between all of her social engagements and work (she starts life guarding this weekend) we won't be seeing much of Sarah.  And Peter may or may not be going to Raleigh to visit friends after the graduation ceremony.  He hasn't firmed up his plans yet so I'm secretly hoping he stays here but as Dan says, "It's hard to keep 'em down on the farm..." 


Madeline said...

What a lovely sunrise, I am glad it showed up for them. Sarah is wise! (As well as lovely.) I pray that she has a great next few days and can soak in all the memories. And you and Dan as well. It's as much a testament to your role as parents that she's done so well.

Mari said...

That's such a pretty sunrise.
I can't believe Sarah is graduating. It seems not so long ago that I would visit here and see that cute little girl, and all of a sudden she's a beautiful young lady, finishing school.
I hope she really enjoys the next few days and graduation - and I hope you do too!

Pat Birnie said...

It's interesting to watch our kids go through all of these phases of life, as they grow. It's so wonderful that she's had a great group of friends through high school; endings are hard, but chances are she'll find another group of friends for life in her next stage. Both your kids are now through high school - how does it feel??!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

It is hard to keep them down on the farm. They have lives to live! 😜
Sarah's senior day sounds like so much fun!