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Thursday, March 17, 2022

I can't keep track of who's here and who isn't!

 It's been a really weird week around here! 

Dan headed to Raleigh last Thursday after he left work to pick up Peter who is on spring break this week.  If you will recall, this semester Peter has no classes on Friday so his break technically started on Thursday afternoon.  

Sarah completed her Winterim on Friday.  While she enjoyed both experiences, the main takeaway was that she felt like working for a non-profit like Victory Junction would be more fulfilling than working for a for-profit company.  We talked about that at dinner and Dan told her that he felt the same way after leaving the army and working in the corporate world.  It took him a while to realize that both are good and equally important and that while working for a non-profit may seem like it's benefiting the world more, we have to have businesses to supply us with our needs and wants and then those business are able to provide wages to the people (and their families) that work there. At least that's how he rationalized it. 

On Friday evening, Peter headed to Greensboro to see a metal concert.  He went by himself because he knew none of his friends liked that kind of music.  He's been to that venue before with Dan a couple of years ago. It's basically a small club that has different bands performing. He had a great time and said he was glad he went by himself. He enjoyed the show without worrying about anyone else having a good or bad time.And thankfully he was home before the storms started. We had heavy rains, winds, lots of thunder and lightening so I was glad he was home before all that started!

On Saturday morning, Sarah was off to Raleigh to watch the Bishop McGuinness girl's basketball team play in the NCHSAA 1A Championships.  She had a great time hanging out with her friends all day AND the girls WON!!!

I love this picture of the student section even though Sarah isn't visible - she's way higher up in the stands.  (Also, it should be noted that I took these pictures from the Winston-Salem Journal webiste as I was not at the game.)

When Sarah got home we all went to dinner and it was so nice having everyone together! Since she got home pretty late Saturday we went to Mass on Sunday together and it was so nice doing that as a family as well.  Then we had lunch at mom's after church and it was so nice that we were all together. Have I mentioned that it was so nice having everyone together and under one room? :)

But it was short-lived because on Sunday evening, Sarah went to spend the night with a friend because Monday was a teacher work day and they were going prom dress shopping Monday morning.

And then, Dan left Monday evening for Switzerland.  Yep - that's right!  His first trip since January of 2020.  He was struggling as he was packing and getting everything ready for the trip because it had been so long.  He used to travel so frequently that everything was second nature to him.  But since it had been so long he kept saying that he felt like he was forgetting something.  

He headed to the airport Monday after work and arrived in Switzerland in time to do a little sight seeing in Lucerne.  He was hoping to be able to take a cable car up Mt. Pilatus but the weather was overcast and the views would have been obscured (and I'm not sure if he had enough time anyway) so he toured around the city instead.

He had meetings on Wednesday and he will be spending all day today on a plane but will be back home tonight!

Peter went to dinner with a Colton on Monday night and last night the kids and I went to Chipotle they both love that place! And tonight Sarah will be going to the hockey game with Cheyanne because she doesn't have school tomorrow. 

So that's why I say it's been kind of a weird week - Peter was home, Dan wasn't, and Sarah's always coming and going.  But hopefully this weekend we will all be under the same room for a couple of night before we have to take Peter back to State.

I definitely sleep better when we are all under one roof! 


Mari said...

It was a crazy week for you! Dan gave Sarah some good advice. Switzerland! I would love to visit there, although not for work. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow. yes, people coming and going, but Mom is always holding down the fort!
Switzerland seems like a great place to visit and I love that people are traveling again!

Madeline said...

That is a lot of fun and coming and goings in one week! But I am happy it's all seemingly going well. Did Dan end up forgetting anything? If not, then he will be more confident next time for sure. This was the training wheels trip.

Ernie said...

That is a lot of back and forth and who's on first kind of a week. We are about to head out of town - details to follow in my blog. Seeing those photos gets me a little bit in the mood, but we are leaving kids home, alone? I mean, Lad is here and they are responsible, but yikes. I don't quite have my ducks in a row.

Pat Birnie said...

Such a busy time and lots of coming and going. The best way to visit Switzerland is on a company’s budget - it’s such a pricey country! But so beautiful. We will be in Raleigh next month to watch the Detroit Red Wings, my husbands yeam, play the Hurricanes. You and Dan seem to live visiting Brew pubs, as do we; any recommendations? Pubs or restaurants?

Pat Birnie said...

TEAM obv....not yeam. And love not live lol. Where is auto correct when we need it?