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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Smitten Kitten

Have I mentioned before how smitten we are with this kitten?

Probably.  Here are a list of a few of the things we call this cat:

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Butternut Squash
Squeege Bear
Sweetie Pie

And those are just the few I can name of the top of my head.  Peter likes to "take the cat for a ride".  This entails him picking up the cat, holding him out in front of his body, and running through the house with him.  The cat absolutely loves it and it makes me laugh every time he does it.  It's the funniest thing to see.

Here's a few pictures of our little orange obsession:

This is his new favorite place to be. When I'm writing blog posts, he likes to curl up on the paper holder. 

He loves to drink from any flowing tap.  He also loves to get his paws wet. (However he did not love it as much when Sarah gave him a bath.)

I spilled some heavy cream the other day and he licked as much up as he could before I swooped in to clean it.

He humors me when I take photos of him.

Different day - same favorite spot.

He's really screeching in this photo but Sarah thinks it looks like he's laughing! 

He likes a good Beth Moore devotional just like the rest of us.
Another favorite spot.

And a flashback to early November.  Look how little!!
Ok.  Enough about this crazy cat.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Unknown said...

Very handsome boy!

Cats don't need to be washed, unless they get into something that they shouldn't ingest. Otherwise, they are considered self-cleaning.

Madeline said...

I love Wally too!

RR Mama said...

Sweet kitty cat.

Mari said...

I love him too! It's funny how our critters get lots of nicknames. Our Oliver did too!

Kelli said...

He is a cutie. If Nicolas was not allergic to cats we would have an orange cat as well. Keep the pictures coming!

Madeline said...

A scene from my couch about a minute ago. "Mom, can I look at "Ra-wy" pictures?" "Rolly? Like from Puppy Dog Pals." "No. "Ra-wy!" "I don't know what you're saying." "Ra-wy. Like Christopher likes to look at too. The cat." "Oh! Wally!" End scene.

My kids like your cat. :) Even if I don't understand how my kid says Wally.

Ernie said...

I am not a cat person. Not to mention that I am very allergic. I do enjoy these pictures though. Very cute! The image of Peter running thru the house with Wally is hilarious. Sounds like something Tank would do if we had a cat - if they didn't make me wheeze.