Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Model UN

The 7th and 8th graders from all the area Catholic schools have descended on Bishop McGuinness High School to participate in Model UN.

The kids have been working hard preparing research on their countries and practicing their public speaking and debating skills. 

Peter and Sarah were both pretty nervous this morning but I know they will do great.  It's a great learning experience and I'm hopeful that they will be a part of the Model UN team when they attend Bishop.

Here they are before heading out the door this morning:

All dressed up and ready to go!


Madeline said...

My brothers were SUPER involved in MUN and YIG (youth in government) all through their school years. They both even went to CONA, the national convention, and that is in Asheville, NC. I am excited for your kids to have some of those experiences! I hope it goes well!

Billie Jo said...

Your kids are amazing, Beth!
Hope all goes great!!!!

Mari said...

They look great - and so grown up! I'm sure the day went well. :)