Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sailing on the Cape.

I just realized yesterday that I had a few pictures from our trip to the Cape that didn't make it to my blog post.  These pictures were on Dan's phone so they didn't get downloaded with the rest of them.

When Dan was growing up he and his mom and brothers and sister spent every summer at their house on the Cape.  His Dad would drive down on Friday evening after work and stay until Sunday afternoon.  Dan loved his summers on the Cape.

He and all his siblings took sailing lessons and are all good sailors.  Their family had a Beetle Cat and would  take it out on Lewis Bay.

Dan's sister owns a sail boat now that she races in the D.C. area but she also has a smaller one that she keeps in Massachusetts.  She had it at the Cape when we were down this year and she took us for a sail.

The kids had a blast and we really enjoyed our afternoon on the water.

Sarah and Aunt Cathy

The old man and the sea.

Cathy, Peter, and me cheesing for the camera!
My little cutie steering the boat!

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Mari said...

Those are great pictures. Looks like fun!