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Monday, August 31, 2015

First week - done!

The first week is in the books and we're already on to week two!  And I have to say, it went pretty smoothly.

There were a few hitches - a uniform malfunction and a forgotten assignment - but we moved passed those very quickly  and overall, it was a very good week.

Both kids are very happy to be back and they seem to be excited about their teachers and classes.

The both had a lot of homework this weekend and the first thing Peter said when he hopped in the car on Friday afternoon was, "Can we get my haircut tomorrow?  I have a ton of homework and I want to get started on it right away."

I knew the barber shop would be less busy at 3:00 on a Friday that at 11:00 on a Saturday but he was adamant and if he really wanted to get started on his homework (on a Friday!) I wasn't going to stop him.

For the past two years, Dan and I have been trying to get him to start his weekend homework on Friday instead of leaving it all until Sunday afternoon but procrastination and Peter are best buddies so no amount of cajoling has ever worked.

He came right in on Friday afternoon, changed his clothes (into a suit, I might add) and got to work.  When he came down in his suit, I questioned his wardrobe choice.  His response?  "Mom, all the great scientists do their work in suits.  Einstein, for example."

Silly boy!

Um, okay.  I went with it.  Who am I to question when a boy sits down on Friday to do his homework.

So, he sat at the table from 3:30 until 5:00 working on his homework.  Then Colton came over to play and gave him a quizzical look and Peter laughed and went upstairs to change out of his too small (I just bought in January!) suit.  Colton stayed for an hour and after he left, Peter sat down to work on his homework.  He finished most of it on Friday but still had to work on a report that's due on Tuesday.

He to get his hair cut and  had a basketball pool party on Saturday so no suit wearing/studying took place then.  But after Mass and Sunday lunch at my parent's house, he immediately started to work on his report and got finished a day early.

Peter and some of the boys from the basketball team.  Apparently when not flashing gang signs, they were playing water polo - which Peter described as "like playing basketball and soccer in the water".

I'm hoping this trend of getting things done sooner rather than later continues!  And I'm wondering if I should get him a new suit? 


Madeline said...

If he keeps the suit thing up then totally. My brother Peter prefers a suit over most clothing items and it all started in 8th grade maybe? Maybe it's a Peter thing?

Amelia Bentrup said...

Ha..I LOVE that he puts on a suit to do his homework! So Alex Keating of him!

Mari said...

Good for Peter! I love the suit idea. :)