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Monday, December 1, 2014

Forget the bass - this is all about the tree, bout the tree....

Friday morning we set out for the mountains of North Carolina in search of the perfect tree.

The ride to Laurel Springs was beautiful and there was still some snow on the mountains left from a snow earlier in the week.

Amid arguing over which tree was best (the kids  have equally strong yet totally opposing opinions), throwing snow balls (sometimes it's best to let off a little steam), and trying to channel our inner mountain goat so as not to trip on the side of the mountain (okay, hill, but it was still hard walking at an angle), I think we found a great tree! 

Road trip selfie with  a photobomb!

So pretty!

This is the one we choose!

And of course, we had to have the guy that chopped the tree down take our picture in front of it!

We headed to North Wilkesboro for lunch at Brushy Mountain BBQ and Creamery.  The kids were very excited about the creamery part of the name.  Unfortunately, after we found it, we realized it was closed.  Boo!

So we headed to the cute little downtown a couple of minutes away and found several  restaurants.  I was leaning towards the wing and pizza joint but the kids saw an Italian restaurant and decided that was more to their liking.  Of course, what did they get??  Um, pizza. 

When we got home, Dan put the lights on the tree and we called it a day.  On Saturday morning we decorated the tree.  And when I say "we", I mean the kids.  I did a little directing but other than that the kids did 90% of the work themselves.  Dan popped in a couple of times to hang a few of his special ornaments but he was busy getting the lights and the wreaths up on the outside of the house.

Working together like good little elves!
 We took lots of posed cheesy shots while decorating the tree!

Dan is hanging a camel ornament that he painted when he was a kid.  Later, when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm at Christmastime, his mom sent him this ornament as a reminder of home.  The kids always make sure Daddy gets to hang this one!

Hanging his Red Sox ornament!

Posing with her princess ornament.

So determined!

More determination!
Our tree is full of ornaments that are handmade or chosen with a specific event or person in mind and as we decorate, we are also reminiscing.  Our tree definitely wouldn't win any decorating awards but it's full of love and really, isn't that what Christmas is ultimately all about?


Billie Jo said...

Yes. Yes it is... And your tree is full of beauty and love and memories! And I am loving the title of this one, my friend! : )

Madeline said...

I love how intent they were on getting the tree decorated. What a fun time!

DeNae said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Our tree is the same. I've never seen one like it in a catalog full of matching ornaments and perfect lighting, but it reflects our family and our loves. Perfect!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your tree is just lovely.....the ornaments with a story are always the best!! Love the family capture.

Mari said...

Your tree is beautiful!
Our tree is also filled with ornaments that have meaning or a story. They are the best!

Kelli said...

Beautiful tree!! We have several ornaments on our tree that have a story or meaning behind them. This year a changed up my decorating a little and used many pieces that were both of my grandparents. I love the look.

Elise said...

Looks like such a beautiful place to pick a tree! I just love live Christmas trees. And love that your tree is full of memories...just how it should be!

Nicole said...

Love this! Going to pick out your own tree is the best!