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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Yikes!  Has is already been more than a week since my last post?  You can tell it's been crazy over here.

PTO planning meetings, basketball practice and games, scouts, church, a sleepover, no school on Monday, ordering Christmas cards, homework,more homework, and just life have taken up my week.

Oh, and in the middle of all that crazy - my printer stopped working so I downloaded a new driver.  While I was doing that, my computer informed me that I had a bunch of Windows updates that were available if I wanted to install them.

So I did.  And everything was fine until Peter got on the computer to start playing his beloved Minecraft.  He then informed me that the screen was flicking on and off.

I looked at everything I had updated and discovered that I had updated the graphics card.  And apparently (at least that's all I could think of and Google helped me confirm), the update effected the game.  He played on it for 5 days before informing me that all the screen flickering was really bothering him. 

Yesterday, I "refreshed" Windows.  What this means is that Windows was put back to factory settings.  All my files were saved but any programs I had loaded on my computer that didn't come with it were deleted.

After the refresh, I had to add the following programs back to the computer: McAffee, Firefox, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java, Roblox, Windows Mail, Excel, and Word. 

And it only took me about two hours. And I say "only" just a weeeeee bit sarcastically because I have about a million other things I could be/should be doing with my time.

But Minecraft is fine now.  Except Peter informed me that the refresh wiped away all of the worlds he has worked so hard to build and had he known that he would have rather dealt with the flashing screen. 


If you need me today, I'll be parked in front of this computer (and it better not have any issues because I've pretty much maxed out my IT skills) ordering Christmas gifts for the family.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Mari said...

Aaaagh! I hate computer issues. Last night someone hacked my blog and it went to an ad site. Some kind person on a blogger forum took pity on my and told me how to fix it. I was helpless on me own!

Madeline said...

I know not about computers so that doesn't sound fun. It takes everything so long to download and install doesn't it?! Sounds like you're getting busy.

Pam said...

My bubs is tech support. (He is a programmer) So he has trained me never to download anything and if something weird pops up (a "box"), I just leave it and ask. All your tech savvy-ness is making me jealous.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my never ends does it??? You can't win for trying. :)
We just purchased a new printer this week....after I'd spent over 100$ on ink for the old one!! GADS.
I hope you get all your online shopping done with no more issues.

Kelli said...

I don't like computer problems either and I feel like I have them oft e!!

Michelle said...

Computer problems are sooo frustrating! I'm impressed with your IT skills! I'm glad my 2nd son is majoring in computer science!