Saturday, March 9, 2013

Because I want everyone to be able to read the hilariousness that is this blog!

I got an email from dcdonaghue who writes at Katie Jean Cooks.  She said she loved my blog and thinks I'm hilarious.  Hilarious?  Well, I think so, but probably only mildly humorous to the rest of the population. (I appreciate the compliment though!)

Anyway, she wondered if anyone else had complained about my font size since I changed up the blog a few weeks back.  She said it was really small when she read it on her iPad.

No one else has complained, but  just yesterday as I was reading my blog on my laptop, I thought to myself, "Geez, this font is hard to read.  It's so tiny."

It looks fine on my desktop where I have a nice big monitor but on my laptop - hard to read.

Since I'm a woman of action and a huge people pleaser, I immediately got to changing the blog font this morning.  It looks much easier to read on my laptop so I hope it works for everyone else.

If not, let me know.  Like I said, I'm a people pleaser and surely, I can find a font to make all 32 of my regular readers happy!


Mari said...

I always read on my laptop and haven't had any problem seeing it. I do like the font you have now though!

Anonymous said...

Wow...what customer service. Thank you, Beth! And thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog! Debbie

Grandma T said...

This looks great!