Monday, December 3, 2012

I think it was a Capitol idea!

We left Thursday night to spend a long weekend in Alexandria, VA with Dan's sister Cathy.  We took Peter's best friend Colton (whose mom just happens to be my BFF!) with us as part of Peter's birthday present.  (Although really, it was a present for all of us!)

I am pressed for time as I have grocery shopping, laundry and less than 3 weeks until we leave for our Christmas trip to Massachusetts.  Let's just say I'm slightly panicked!

We had a great trip and packed a ton of stuff into our visit.  But like I said, I'm a little busy (aren't we all?) so for now I will leave you with three of the cutest kids to even pose in front of the Capitol Building:


Mari said...

What a great weekend trip. Love the picture!

RR Mama said...

Cute picture!