Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Dan was in Seattle earlier this week but made it back last night just in time for the Christmas pageant at school.I took video of both Peter and Sarah performing musical numbers with their class.

I would post it here except I know that my mom and my sister-in-law would be the only ones even remotely interested in watching and I'm not really sure how to do it anyway.  So just imagine a cute 3rd grader playing the xylophone and signing "Rest Well Little Children" while wearing pajamas and a handsome 4th grader singing "The Little Drummer Boy" while wearing ragged clothing and banging drum sticks.
--- 2 ---
A little boy in Sarah's class has a brain tumor and beginning at noon yesterday he was undergoing an 8-hour surgery to remove the tumor. As you can imagine, the whole school has been praying for him. Everyday at noon the school normally prays the Angelus together, but yesterday, they prayed a decade of the Rosary together.

Last night, as the musical program was concluding (right around 8:00 pm) as his surgery was hopefully concluding, the priest prayed for this little boy and his family and then we all joined hands and prayed the Our Father together. I was sitting near the kids and to hear them all loudly praying the Our Father together gave me goose bumps. 
--- 3 ---
Dan normally flies into and out of a city with very little chance to do any sightseeing.  But this week was different.  His meetings were all day Tuesday and half a day Wednesday and he wasn't flying home until Thursday morning.  So he and one of the guys he works with spent the day visiting some sights in Seattle.

One of the places they visited was Theo Chocolate. He said the tour was a really good one and well worth the price of admission.  And he sent me this picture:

My husband is the one on the left who looks very annoyed that he he wearing a shower cap AND taking his own picture. He hates having his picture taking, but even more, he hates taking his own picture. Throw in a shower cap, and well, I can imagine that this is one of my husband's worst nightmares! 

He's going to hate that I posted his picture, but since he doesn't read my blog regularly, he may never know.  Ssshhhh.  Let's keep this our little secret!
--- 4 ---
He got to sample lots of different chocolates while he was on the tour and was very excited to tell me about the chocolate he tried with chili in it.  He brought a couple of bars home for me because even though he doesn't read my blog, he loves me.

One is made with dark chocolate and the pili pili chili and the other is made with dark choclate and ghost chili.

--- 5 ---
I sampled the pili pili bar last night and yikes!  According to Dan you are supposed to let the chocolate melt in your mouth as opposed to chewing it.  So as I let the chocolate melt, I got the delicious taste of really good dark chocolate (which I love!) but the finish was hot! hot! hot!   Did I mention hot?  Nose running, mouth burning, throat screaming hot.  

After that, I decided I would try the ghost chili bar later.  Because the ghost chili is the hottest chili in the world.  Looks like I've got a hot Friday night planned! 

--- 6 ---
I think I have all of my shopping done.  It's a good feeling to be finished.  Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that everything makes it to Massachusetts in time.  In ten years of ordering online and shipping, I've had good luck.  And I figure, Santa could always leave a note explaining problems with the elves...maybe?
--- 7 ---
 Even though I'm done shopping, I still have quite a list of to-dos so I guess I better not sit here on the computer all morning.  Those Christmas cards aren't going to stuff themselves!

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Colleen said...

Ah, so you're sending gifts to the Martin Family, eh?


That chocolate looks gross. I'll just take the dark chocolate sans chilis thank you very much!