Monday, November 26, 2012

The Midway Christmas Parade

Sarah's Brownie troop had a float in the local Christmas parade this weekend.  She had been looking forward to this for weeks and even said, "Mom, it's like I'm going to be famous!" 

The girls decorated a tree, dressed in Christmas colors and tossed out pounds and pounds of candy along the parade route.

When their float approached Sarah and Cheyanne were alternating between smiling and waving like a beauty queen and tossing out candy. 

The girls decorated the tree and the float themselves.

Here they come!

Sarah and Cheyanne were throwing candy and we couldn't get their attention.

Waving to the crowd!

She finally sees us!
The girls had a blast and were already asking their troop leaders if they could be in the Easter parade.  I guess they enjoyed their first taste of "fame".  I think their leaders were ready for a nap!


Mari said...

What fun! I love that last picture of her. )

Anonymous said...

What fun they had and it brings back such nice memories of long ago!! That'a a beautiful picture of Sarah!


jennwa said...

They had so much fun.