Monday, November 12, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Sarah has been looking forward to the Daddy-Daughter Dance at her school since last year's Daddy-Daughter Dance at her school.

So on Friday evening she got into her dress and her fancy dancing shoes and was ready to go.  She wanted her hair curly so we did the sock bun method to try to get some curl into it.  Unfortunately her hair is really long and quite fine and she only kept the sock in for a couple of hours instead of overnight ,so even though it looked nice and curly when we unrolled it, it was rather straight almost minutes later.  So I got out the curling iron and tried to fancy it up a bit.  Even with hair spray it still didn't hold. 

Curly or straight, I think she looks gorgeous either way!

Sarah posing in her dress.

Sarah and Daddy (please note the shoes!)

Doing the dance we like to call "The Daddy".
They had a great time and I think she's ready to do it again - as long as she gets a new dress and a new pair of shoes!


Mari said...

She looks adorable and I love the Daddy dance shot!

Anonymous said...

Shoes totally noted, Sarah! Glad you had a special time doing The Daddy with the Daddy!