Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I know my husband loves me because tonight we are going to schlep down to the Sprint store....

Yesterday morning, after my run and before I hopped into the shower, I hurriedly checked my cell phone.  There was a message saying I needed to run an update. No problem.  I ran it and hopped into the shower.

When I got out, I could tell that some things had been updated and all appeared to be well - until I tried to check my email.  It would not load.  I started to panic.  I checked Facebook and Words With Friends.  They both loaded but were very, very slow.  I tried to send a text and it took forever for the keyboard to pop up.

What have I done?  What the heck is wrong with my phone?

I turned the phone off and I even took the battery out hoping that would solve the problem but I knew the update caused this problem and I would have to call Sprint. I hesitated before I called because I knew they were going to ask for my 10 digit PIN code which I don't have.  We have been Sprint customers since 1995 so whatever code we set up back then has been long forgotten.

But no worries you might be saying if you are a Sprint customer.  Just answer the secret question and all will be well.  Not for me.  My question is "What's the name of your childhood bestfriend?"  And the correct answer is "Amanda".

Amanda was my best friend from Kindergarten through 6th grade so I frequently use this as my secret question.  However, when I give that as my answer it always gets rejected.  Usually though the people at Sprint can help me even without answering these questions but they always ask them.  And I always feel like a jackass for not knowing my childhood best friend.

After a failed phone call to a nice person in India where she (accidentally, I'm sure) disconnected us, I waited a few hours, called back and spoke to someone in the States.  (And coincidentally,I'm sure, she did not hang up on me.)

The Sprint rep asked me both questions and chuckled when I told her I didn't have the answers.  She said she might be able to help me depending on my problem.

According to her, the update I was running, which I thought was from Sprint, was really from Samsung..  Apparently, according to the helpful US Sprint rep., these updates from the phone manufacturer can cause the phone to quit working correctly. 

She said I needed to have the phone reset.  Which she would be glad to do right then and there over the phone if I could only give her the 10 digit pin code or the name of my childhood best friend. Otherwise, I would have to schlep down to the Sprint store with my phone and two forms of identification. 

But get this - because the phone is in my husband's name - he has to schlep down to the Sprint store with two forms of identification and my phone.  The absolute last thing my husband has time to do is schlep anywhere.  But I can't even answer a call on my phone at this point so he is going to have to schlep down there. 

And you want to know what is really annoying? The reason the phone is in his name and not mine is because in 1998 we got the phones on a joint plan that was part of a Sprint Valentine's Day promotion - buy two phones for the price of one! - and that was my Valentine's present from him that year. 

The gift that keeps on giving!


Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

That is one of my very most hated things - when my electronics don't work properly. Makes me wanna throw a huge hissy fit! Hope it is soon all better and running smoothly. I feel your pain!

Kimberly said...

That stinks but glad you are gonna get it all fixed. Perhaps while he's there, they can give him the code # again, and perhaps help him figure out who your best friend really is!!

deborah said...

I don't know how many times I've thought how much easier life would be if everyone was honest!!!! Then all our passwords and safety features wouldn't be needed.

Who was your husband's best friend? Maybe that would work!! :)