Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I probably should have just gotten a treadmill.

It was 58 degrees here yesterday.  That's slightly above the average normal February temperatures and way above what we've been having this winter.  And although it was cloudy, it wasn't raining or snowing, so I had no excuse.

I got home from work and even though I wanted to relax (chasing after 12 preschoolers can be very hard work and why, oh why, did I ever think I would enjoy it?) I put on my brand new New Balance running shoes and I went for a run. Because it's going to be May 1st before I know it and I'm going to be running a 5k.  And I actually want to be able to run it.

I ran a mile and a half before stopping.  It was a slow mile and a half but at least I was running.  I felt pretty good about it. 

My legs weren't killing me this morning so I thought that perhaps after I got home from volunteering with the kindergartners, I would try it again.  But low and behold it was snowing and raining when I walked outside of the school.  So, no running outside for me today. 

With all of this cold, wet, snowy, windy weather we've been having, I'm never going to be ready for this 5k.

Hmmm...I wonder how many laps around my kitchen I would need to do to get to 3.2 miles? 


Denise said...

Hang in there sweetie.

Lee and Beth said...

You'll be ready for it, Beth! I KNOW you'll be able to run that five k! :)

My Goodness said...

Good for you though! That's awesome!! Spring will be here soon!!!

Kim said...

If anybody can do it you can!