Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know his baseball season ended in early November but I've been busy!

After an interesting season of spring baseball, Peter decided he would like to play fall baseball.

When he announced this over the summer I was a little leery.  Practices would begin as the new school year was beginning and it seemed like too much to handle.  And he would be moving up from coach pitch to machine pitch.

Before registration, I asked him repeatedly if he really wanted to play and his answer was always yes.  And since fewer boys play in the fall I figured this would give him a leg up in the spring (if he decided to play then as well) as  he would already be familiar with the pitching machine and might do a little better.

We practiced hitting and fielding over the summer and by September he was ready to start the season.  He had a great coach who emphasized listening to and respecting the coaching staff and he emphasized supporting your team and most importantly having fun. 

The older boys on the team were great to Peter and did not give him a hard time when he had trouble throwing or hitting.

Hitting a ball that has been thrown by a machine is so much harder than hitting one that is being lobbed to you by your coach.  And while he hit the ball occasionally  for the most part he struck out.  It was very demoralizing for him.

And because is still isn't a great fielder, he was stuck playing in the outfield.  Although frankly I think he was a little relieved at this because  he has finally realized that you are supposed to know where to throw the ball when it comes to you to try to get an out.  And even though he knows this, he still hasn't really learned where to make the plays.

But through all of these issues, one thing kept him going back game after game - the knowledge that he would receive a trophy at the end of the season.

And just like at the end of every season before, he said he didn't want to play baseball next season.  And I told him that would be okay.  But this time, I think he means it.  Because right after his end of year party he asked me if "they give trophies to the people that eat all those hot dogs in those food eating races."

Sounds to me like he's looking for other ways to add to his trophy collection!


Denise said...

Your son is awesome, bless him.

Grandma T said...

Aaaah....I love him so very much!!

Colleen said...

An eating contest sounds like way more fun than baseball - he's a smart kid, that one!

RR Mama said...

Glad he likes his trophy. But if he decides he still wants to play, check into possibly hitting lessons. We did once a week for R1 and it boosted his confidence and made all the difference.

Jac said...

I love the snap with the trophy :)

If he's interested in playing again, maybe he could look into one of those baseball clinics in the summer? I know around here the colleges offer them for a weeklong session for not too much $$. Something like that could help him improve!

Jac @

pendy said...

Unrelated to this post, but I had to backtrack and tell you that I fixed your Jalapeno Popper Spread for a party the other night. OH MY! What a hit! Can't wait for my family to try it during the holidays.

Kim said...

Your kids are so "quick on their feet" when thinking!

Congratulations to Peter on this trophy. Can't wait to see what the hotdog eating winner trophy looks like :)

Momisodes said...

LOL at the hot dogs! He is such a trooper. Good for him for sticking it out the entire season.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

OH too funny! His cute face is beaming with pride over his trophy. And he should be proud. He worked hard for it!

kanishk said...

.I love him so very much!!
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Jaina said...

Sounds like he had a great learning experience. My brothers never played fall ball, they just didn't have time. I hope Peter keeps adding to his trophy collection :)