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Friday, June 3, 2022

Two hummingbirds, one mockingbird, and one goldfinch.

I got my first hummingbird feeder the summer of 2017.  Every year, I excitedly hang up my feeders in early March waiting hopefully for their return.  And typically they arrive by the second week of April.  And I would joyfully watch three, or four, or even five birds fight over the feeder to enjoy the nectar daily until they disappeared in late September/early October.  If you've been around here for a while, you know my hummingbirds bring me great joy. 

But this spring was unseasonably cool and rainy around here so I decided not to even bother putting the feeders out until early April. And as soon as I did,just like clockwork on April the 11th, we spotted one hummingbird  feasting!

And for a week or so, it was just the one.  Another one finally joined it and we have two that hang out at the house and eat from the feeders regularly.  In the past I know we have had at least four (and maybe a couple more) because they would all fight over the feeders (even though we have plenty of feeders, apparently hummingbirds are very territorial). But this year, there are only two.  

I'm assuming it's because I put the feeders out later than normal and a couple of birds came, saw no feeders, and kept flying until they found some food.  Lesson learned. Next year I will put the feeders out in March and hope for the best!

But don't worry about me missing my little visitors because this ridiculous mockingbird visits multiple times per day. He perches on the part of the feeder where the netting over the nectar is missing and pokes his beak in and out.  I'm assuming he's getting some nectar because he continues to come back. When he's had a few sips, he flies away and that sends the feeder spinning and of course, annoys me to no end because it cause some of the nectar to drip out.

In addition to the giant mocking bird, I have also been receiving frequent visits from the cutest little goldfinch. It perches on the feeder or sometimes the string and just hangs out.

Do you see her hanging from the wire above the feeder?  Crazy bird!

So between the two hummingbird visitors, the mockingbird and the goldfinch, I've got plenty of activity at my kitchen window and that's making me happy.  I've contemplated one of those clear bird feeders that hang on the window. You fill it with bird seed and then can watch the different birds eating it through the feeder. I'm close to getting one but I'm afraid there will be a huge mess underneath it (spilled seed and bird splatter). Does anyone have any experience with one of those feeders?  I'm thiiiiiiiiiiisssss close to getting one.

And if I do, this will be me...

Have a great weekend!


Gigi said...

So happy your hummingbirds are back! I wouldn't be surprised if more start to show up.

Mari said...

I love watching birds at the feeder. We have several feeders at work and enjoy watching all the birds that come to visit.
Hummingbirds are so amazing.