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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Some swim pictures, a foggy tree, and a cute cat!

We had a fun and busy weekend.  Peter wanted to come home this weekend since we hoped we would be in Raleigh next weekend for the state swim meet and he knew that he would have plans for several weekends after that. So even though he's only been back at school 3 weeks, Dan picked him up on Thursday night and brought him home!  If you will recall, Peter doesn't have class on Fridays so that made the weekend feel a little bit longer.

Dan had actually taken the day off from work on Friday because he has tons of vacation days and Sarah's regional swim meet in Raleigh was being held in the late afternoon and we didn't want to miss any of it.

Sarah swam in 4 events: two individual and two relays. BOTH her relay events qualified for states and she swam well in her individual events - she even managed to shave 8 seconds off her medley. She was so happy with that and was even more thrilled that one of her relays came in 3rd which meant she got a medal and got to stand on the podium! 

Here are a few of the professional pictures from the day:


Peter went to dinner with Colton while we were at the swim meet. Saturday was errands and doing things around the house. Sarah went to the hockey game with Cheyanne while Dan and I hung out at home with Peter.  When Sarah got home, she and Peter went on a milk shake run and long drive around Winston while Dan and I watched a Jim Gaffigan special on Netflix.

We all went to mass on Sunday morning and then had lunch at mom's. After lunch we all piled in the car and headed to Raleigh to take Peter back to school.  Even though he was home an extra night, the weekend went by way to fast. 

There was freezing rain on Monday morning and while most of the public schools went in on a delay, Sarah had school at the normal time, although they did send out a text saying no one would be penalized for arriving late due to the weather.  Sarah made it in on time and with no issues thankfully.  There were a lot of traffic accidents due to the icy roads.  

Sarah is pretty sad that this is her last week of swim.  She and the other captains are going to dinner tonight after practice to set up room assignments for Friday night.  (The swim meet starts very early on Saturday morning so the team will be heading to Raleigh after school and will spend the night in a hotel.) And they will also be working on Paper Plate Awards. This is a really cute Bishop swim team tradition.  The captains always give out these awards at the end-of-season swim banquet.  They give each swimmer an award based on a characteristic or trait of the individual swimmer.  Last year, thanks to Covid, there was so banquet but the captains still did the awards and handed them out the swimmers during the last practice of the season.  I'm so happy there will be a banquet this year!  I will try to remember some of the cute awards that they come up with. I'm always impressed with their creativity.

 It was foggy this morning and I couldn't resist taking a picture of my tree:

And it doesn't feel right to end this post without a picture of Dan's favorite cat, Buddy! He loves to sit on my lap in the evenings - but he will only sit with me if I've got a blanket.


Mari said...

Buddy is a pretty cat! And your tree is always just gorgeous in the fog.
Those are great swimming photos. Glad you have them to remember these fun times!

Billie Jo said...

What amazing photos of your girl! Congrats to her. What a wonderful achievement, and a realization of all her hard work. Cutie Patootie kitty! I had one that looked exactly like that growing up. We called her Mittens!

Billie Jo said...

Oh! I forgot! I LOVE your tree!!!!!!!!!

Madeline said...

Oh that tree is so dreamy!! Congratulations to Sarah! I hope this weekend goes well for her!

Pat Birnie said...

That tree is just beautiful! Congrats to Sarah on her swim success. And those professional photos are amazing, thanks for sharing them.

Ernie said...

Looks like a fun and busy weekend. Congrats to Sarah. Love the paper plate awards. Oh, that tree. It looks like it could be the backdrop for one of those inspirational saying posters.

Gigi said...

Congrats to Sarah! Yikes, there WERE a lot of accidents. Man-Child was stuck on 40 West for HOURS on Monday!