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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

HOCO 2021

Sarah's school celebrated Homecoming this weekend!  The football team won - yay!  And the school had a dance.  

Sarah looked gorgeous in her dress and had a great time at dinner with her friends before the dance and then hanging out with everyone afterwards at the "after party".  

You've got to have the official corsage and boutonniere photos!

And the obligatory group shot of all the friends and their dates. 

And the mom and daughter shot. 💜

And this is probably my favorite shot of the evening.  There's nothing like the love between a daddy and his little girl - even though she may not be so little any more! 💙

Such a beautiful young lady!  And those shoes were awesome but I think she spent most of the night without them on her feet! 

Apparently Sarah's date is quite the ladies man! 😆


Mari said...

Oh my! She's gone and grown up! She looks beautiful, and I agree that the photo of her and Dan is so sweet.

Gigi said...

Those shoes are AWESOME! What a beautiful dress too!

Madeline said...

She looked absolutely lovely!!! I too adore that picture of Sarah and Dan! So glad she had a great time.

Ernie said...

Cute photos. Love her dress. I have quite the homecoming dress debacle story to post . . . once I complete the current long- story challenge we've been coping with.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a fun night for the kids; so glad it wasn't canceled this year. I love Sarah's dress and bold red shoes!

Laura Pearl said...

She is a beautiful young lady!

Laura Pearl said...

She is a beautiful young lady!