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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ice day with no remote learning means the kids are sleeping in and I'm writing a blog post.

The kids have an unexpected day off of school today.  Well, it wasn't entirely unexpected as they have been calling for ice/sleet/freezing rain (whatever it is) for today for at least a week.

Last night we got a text saying that school would be delayed two hours with the option to cancel if necessary.  And this morning at 7:00, we got the text saying no school and this would not be a remote learning day.

The kids were really hoping not to have to go to school today but I told them they should wish for this for another day.  School is out until the new year starting on Friday (with just a half day) so why would they want to waste a snow day now.  Especially since it is my understanding that future snow days (if there are any) will be remote learning days.  But you know how kids are.  They are instant gratification machines so they are happy campers.

Sarah was supposed to have her first swim meet tonight (and I was actually going to go as a timer) but that will be postponed because if there is no school, then there are no athletics (practice, workouts, or games).  She has another swim meet on Saturday.  It's an away meet so no parents from our school are allowed.  Sarah said she's fine with not having a meet tonight especially since their new swim suits haven't come in yet.  They are supposed to be here Friday but with all the shipping delays these days, I'm not holding my breath.

Peter has a paper due on Friday that he hasn't even started yet so that's how he will be spending his day off.  Sarah was telling him last night at dinner that he should really get started on it (Dan and I were as well) and a fight ensued.   They are so different personality wise and that causes a lot of  fights disagreements and as a mom, it really is maddening.  But, in  their defense, their way is right for each of them.  

Sarah writes excellent papers but she likes to  take her time, schedule when she's going to do it based on her other work and commitments, and not do it all at once.  Peter also writes excellent papers but he prefers to wait until the last possible minute and while he's writing, he prefers to be doing something else (or usually multiple other things) like watching a football game, texting friends about the game, and listening to music. Both of their methods seem to work for them but as a parent, it is frustrating when only one of them is using MY preferred method.  I'll let you guess which one is the one I prefer. :)

Speaking of Peter, so far he has heard back from 4 of the 7 colleges he's applied too and he's gotten into all four of them.  He's excited and so am I.  At least I know he'll be going somewhere in the fall.  (Hopefully he will actually be GOING. I really think if he has to do remote college from his bedroom he will lose his mind.)  

I am still waiting on quite a few Christmas gifts to arrive but I'm hoping they will all get here by Christmas Eve.   I feel so bad for all the delivery people.  This time of year is always so hectic in a normal year but with so many people ordering packages, it must be insane for them. And the treat basket that I left out isn't going over as well as I had hoped.  Only a couple of things have been taken and I'm wondering if they are afraid to take things because of germs, or if everyone is leaving snacks out for them and they are full, or perhaps they just don't like my snacks.  I get very excited after a delivery of a package when someone actually takes something. 

It looks like I will be wrapping a few gifts today, drinking more coffee, and watching the Bachelorette. Sounds like a perfecting ice/freezing rain/sleet day to me!


Madeline said...

I hope your ice day is the perfect blend of productive and cozy. Congratulations to Peter!

Gigi said...

I have given up on delivery for anymore gifts. From here on out, it will be a buy online; pickup curbside.

Mari said...

Isn't it amazing how different kids can be! Mine also had their own ways of studying and my son was like Peter.
Glad to hear he's getting acceptance letters!

Ernie said...

I just caught Tank e-learning with his laptop next to him on the couch where he sat playing a video game. Good grief. They are all different for sure.

Enjoy the day off.