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Friday, June 5, 2020

Teeth and a birthday dinner.

Peter had to have all four of his wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday.  He was pretty nervous about the IV.  He has hated needles ever since have to get THREE allergy shots weekly for almost 3 years.  I guess I would hate needles too.

I had to wait in the car which I didn't like but the nurse called me as soon as the IV was in and said he was doing fine and the surgery was ready to start.  And then less than 45 minutes later they called me to tell me I could pull around and pick him up at the patient exit.

He had a big dopey grin on his face and said he was "just chillin" and that he felt pretty good.  He didn't do anything America's Funniest Home Videos worthy so no $10,000 for us. 

The doctor's office sent us home with a gel pack and this little pint of deliciousness:

It's ice cream from a creamery that's about 45 minutes from our house so I think we might have a little road trip in our future this summer.  Peter said it was delicious.  This was his lunch on the day of the surgery.

He was tired most of Wednesday so he laid around watching old sporting events on ESPN.  I made sure he stayed on top of his pain medication and he even set his alarm for 3:30 AM to make sure he woke up and took it.  I didn't want him sleeping through a dose and waking up in pain. 

Yesterday was worse than the first day.  His face was very swollen so he kept the ice pack on it  and that definitely helped.  He was also able to start with the warm salt water rinses and he said that helped too.  The nurse called yesterday morning to check on him and said that day 3 and day 4 were usually the worst so I will be interested to see how he's doing today (day 3).  At the moment he is still asleep.

Yesterday was Sarah's birthday!  My sweet girl turned 16!  And sadly she had a dentist appointment.  She's got to have some major dental work done and she was not happy about  going to the dentist on her birthday..  But yesterday was just an assessment (she will go back on Monday) so after the appointment I took her to Starbucks for a birthday treat.

Her current favorite order is a grande ice Americano with vanilla sweet cream.  (I think I got that right.)

One of her friends from school who has her driver's license came by yesterday after noon and gave her a present and they hung out.  Then when Dan got home from work (people from Germany were scheduled to be in Winston-Salem for meetings all this week but thanks to the pandemic the meeting has been turned in to a 4 day (all day long) video conference.  Dan didn't want to risk our slow wifi connection giving him fits for this so he is doing the call from the office) we headed downtown to the Mellow Mushroom for a birthday dinner.

As expected, downtown was very quiet.  Some of the restaurants were open and some were closed.  Mellow Mushroom has outdoor seating which we used.  It was pretty windy last night and I would have preferred sitting inside but it was freezing inside.

Poor Peter ordered wings and was able to pull the meat from them and eat it.  It took him a while but he managed.  (We were supposed to do our traditional end-of-the-school-year Japanese dinner tonight but decided to postpone it until next week so that Peter could enjoy it. 

After we ate our pizza we walked to Lill Dippers.  Lill Dippers is this little soft serve ice cream place near Bailey Park.  You order you holder (waffle cone, sugar cone, bowl), then you order your dipper (chocolate, caramel, coffee, pistachio, white chocolate, etc -  they have 10 dips) which the vanilla soft serve is dipped in and then you order your toppings (chocolate chips, oreos, pretzels, reeses cups, cinnamon toast crunch, etc - they have 20 different toppings).  It was a really yummy treat.  Lill Dippers is only open in the spring and summer and it is literally just two windows in the side of an old building downtown.  It's a really cool concept and it's right next to Baily Park.

So we took our ice cream and headed to the park.  It was a nice evening and there were some people out but not too many.  It felt almost normal.

See the hair?  It was windy!

See poor Peter's puffy cheeks?  And how is that Sarah can look so cute windblown?  Youth?  A lot of time spent practicing poses? 
And that was how we celebrated Sarah's birthday.  We will have our family party with cake and gifts on Sunday!  Have a great weekend!


Madeline said...

It's so interesting to me how different people react to wisdom teeth removal. I was definitely like Peter! Super puffy and only super soft food for a while. My brother was eating PBJ like 2 hours later and looked completely normal. Hopefully, his recovery stays on track! Glad you could celebrate Sarah in a fun way! (With more to come.)

Ernie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Mini turned 16 on Easter Sunday. Poor Peter. This reminds me of our Dec 17th. I should have videoed Mini and Tank walking around like they were sleep walking in Step Brothers, but I didn't. It was almost comedic but also just ROUGH. Hope he heals quickly. I want a lil Dippers near me! That and pools that are open? Lucky!

Kelli said...

When Isabella had her wisdom teeth pulled in December we were waiting for an American funniest home video moment as well...we didn't have one either.
Hope you are all doing good!