Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sarah's summer cut!

Remember back in March when I finally let Sarah get bangs?  Well, she has absolutely loved those bangs.  She wears them well and she has several things she does to them when she doesn't want bangs.  Girlfriend spends a lot of time on Pinterest.

Anyway, last week she started asking if she could get her hair cut.  And not cut as in trimmed, but cut as in short.  Very short.  And the first thing I thought was noooooooooo, not your beautiful long hair.  But she asked a couple of more times and I finally made the appointment.

I reasoned that her hair grows really fast so if she truly hated it, she could spend the summer growing it out and it would be fine.  And also, her hair is pretty thing so it really needed a good cut to get it healthy.  She spends a lot of time playing with and styling her hair and since she's only ten, she does a lot of damage to it.

So yesterday we visited Kelly for a cut and here are the before and after shots:

Isn't it just the cutest cut?   

After she finished her homework yesterday, she spent a lot of time playing with it and discovered that she can still put it into quite a few different styles.  She dried it out last night to get all the natural wave out and went with the flipped out look today. 

She's extremely happy with it and so am I.  Win/win!

(And I am still so very jealous of her hair color. Wishing I could get that on my head!)


RyAnne Carr said...

So cute! When I was teaching jr.high I was always jealous of the girls' hair! They seem to have naturally shinny hair with the best color. I guess its just their age! Glad you both like it!

Billie Jo said...

And tell her so does Madison!

Madeline said...

Adorable! Looks great!

Kay said...

So cute! I love that it's still versatile too. Looks amazing on her. Don't get me started on how pretty my girl's hair in compared to mine. My hairdresser says people pay big money to get their hair to be the same color as my daughter's. so true.

Mari said...

So cute! She looks adorable!

deborah said...

Definitely a win-win! And extremely cute on her! My daughter had her hair cut short about a year and a half ago and it has thickened. Her hair was pretty thin and still isn't thick compared to a lot!