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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Picture day.

Yesterday day was picture day at school. 

I curled Sarah's hair and put a ton of hairspray on it.   I hope some of the curls managed to hang on until after the picture was snapped. 

Peter called out from the bathroom, "Moooooommmmmmm! Come here!"  I went into the bathroom where he was brushing his teeth and he said, "Look at my teeth.  I'm not getting my picture made. You can forget it."

He forced an angry smile and pointed at the large hole on the left side of his bottom row of teeth.  The previous week he lost two teeth that were positioned side by side and it left a gaping hole.

"Aw, honey!  That doesn't look bad.  Moms love to see pictures of their kids with missing teeth."

"Are these pictures for the year book?"

He shrugged when I told him they were and said, 'Well, I'm not going to smile."

I explained that I would rather see a big holey smile than lips clenched together.  He shrugged again.

When both kids came home from school, I noticed that they each had a pimple on their nose.  And now I'm regretting not paying extra for the airbrushing.

Do you think after they airbrush out some zits, they could airbrush in a smile and lots of teeth?
I guess even Photoshop has it's limits. 

Luckily the school has already scheduled retake day!


Madeline said...

I am pretty sure 5th-8th grade pictures are awkward for everyone. In junior high they did school pictures at orientation before school started so my mom was always there to make sure my hair was right and those were the WORST. But, retakes are great!

Mari said...

School pictures always have some sort of issue! Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised though!

Michelle said...

Lol...even the pimples are memories;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh. The drama of picture day. :(
In a few years, it will all be forgotten, but those cute photos will last forever.