Monday, February 18, 2013

Practice and a chance.

Peter is well on his way to his career as a professional basketball player.

He scored his first basket on Saturday!

In Upward, their goal is to make sure that every player scores at least one basket each season.  On Peter's team, as with each team, there are a couple of older boys who bring the ball down the court each time. (Forwards, I think they are called.  Not going to Google it because I'm too lazy.)

And these two older boys are usually the ones that score the most points. 

Peter's coach told these boys to make sure they passed the ball off to Peter when he got under the basket.  And he told Peter they were going to pass the ball off to Peter so he needed to be ready.

Peter has been passed the ball before but he would always immediately pass it back off to another player.  Fear?  Nerves?  Not sure what but this time when they passed him the ball, he took a shot and missed.

The next time down the court, they passed him the ball again.  And he took the shot...

...and he made it!
He gets the pass!

He shoots! (And I don't have a picture of it going into the basket because I was too busy cheering!)

I was so very happy for him.  Because for the rest of the game, he was much more aggressive, and much more confidant!

I will be interested to see if he remains that way for the last two games of the season.

On Saturday afternoon, Sarah and I, along with Jennifer and Cheyanne, worked the Brownie cookie booth.

We told the girls to stand by the door and ask people when they walked up if they wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies.  The girls, (especially Sarah) were timid at first.  They didn't want to do it.  They were shy.  They were embarrassed.

But after doing it a few times, they were confidant, more self-assured. And by the end of our two hour shift they were running up to people before they could even get to the door.

They excitedly marked the cookie tally sheet, bagged up cookies, offered samples of the newest cookie - Mango Creams, said "thank yous".  They were great little sales ladies.

I guess with a little practice and a little experience, we can do anything!


Mari said...

Yay for Peter and Sarah too!

Grandma T said...

What a great game! And I love that cute Brownie!