Thursday, January 6, 2011

Peter Said.

When I was a child on Christmas morning, we got presents from Santa.  That was it.  I don't recall getting presents from my parents until after we no longer believed in Santa.

So when Peter and Sarah were born, that's what we did - presents from Santa.  So even though I spend all the time deciding what to buy, do all the shopping and do all the wrapping, I let Santa get all the glory.   

Now I'm beginning to rethink this.

On Christmas morning Peter sat in the middle of a huge pile of wrapping paper and presents and looked around for more gifts to unwrap.

Peter said, "Hey Mom.  Did you get me anything?"

I think next year Santa and I are going halfsies.


kim said...

lol my eldest said this to me once a few years ago. "you never get me any gifts"! LOL. anyway yeah some are from santa, some are from relatives, some are from me etc... santa usually only brings one present here.

Mari said...

My husband and I grew up not having Santa, so we never did that with our kids either. We get all the credit!

Kimberly said...

"Santa" always wrapped my paper with Santa Claus on it. That way I knew which presents were from Santa and which were from my parents! Maybe you could try that with your kids!

RR Mama said...

I agree, you and Santa need to go halfsies. It was so funny this year the oldest who found out last year that we are Santa, kept very quietly thanking Hubs and I for the gift he got even the ones from Santa. We told him two things...1) you have to believe to receive and 2.) If he spoiled Christmas for his younger brother, everything and I mean everything that was bought for him would go back.

Andrea said...

i'm with you, WHY should SANTA get all the "mad props"??? luckily this year, mommy and daddy were "the best EVER"!!! : )