Monday, November 29, 2010

Goals! You've got to have goals!

I ran in my third 5k on Thanksgiving Day. 

My official chip time was 30:21 which is slightly better than the other two I've completed.  I guess I'm a little annoyed that I'm not getting any fast but at the same time, I'm not training to get faster.  And there were hills on this course.  Lots of hills.

So I've got something to work on before my next 5k...or dare I say it 10k.  I think Jennifer and I have decided we would like to try something a little longer next time.

You've got to have goals  - and a great friend to run with doesn't hurt either.

 Here we are before the race...and the hills.

Here is the official photo of me taken at the finish line.  I could see the photographer and was attempting a smile. (And if anyone from Carolina Snapshot is reading, please don't get mad that I've posted this picture here. I've actually ordered a copy from you.

And here is the picture Dan took of me after crossing the finish line.  I didn't see him, so no smile.  Plus I'm gasping for air. This is pretty much what I looked like throughout the entire race.  Did I mention there were hills?  Lots of hills.


Anna B. said...

You Go Girl! :)

Mari said...

Hooray for you for doing it, hills and all!

beth said...

Good for you, Beth!!! You'll beat your time next time, I know it! :)
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

jennwa said...

10k here we come !!!!!

I think that was a great way to spend Thanksgiving morning. I want to do it again next year.

Pamela - Headboard said...

Great stuff here. Have a great holiday season.

RR Mama said...

So proud of you!!! You did awesome, even with all the hills!!!

Kim said...


Pam said...

I think that the funniest part of that last picture is the fact that Old Guy Number 44 looks like he is on his way to the office water cooler, not like he just ran a bunch of hills!