Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do those teenagers know anyway?

I'm from Winston-Salem, North Carolina - home of Krispy Kreme Donuts.

My husband is from Boston, Massachusetts - home of Dunkin' Donuts.  (Well, technically Canton, MA is home of Dunkin' Donuts but that's splitting hairs considering how small Massachusetts is.)

My husband has often tried to engage me in a battle of Who Has the Best Donuts - Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts.  But I never play along because I think all donuts are pretty tasty so really, what does it matter? Plus, I don't like to play games.  Just ask the kids.

Donut competitions aside, I always concede to my husband on one point -  Dunkin' Donuts has THE BEST COFFEE and not just better than Krispy Kreme's, better than anyone's.

It is rich and robust (robust?  No, Juan Valdez did not hijack this computer) without the burnt taste of Starbucks and certainly without all the teenagers that think they are so cool sitting around drinking their expensive burnt coffee, texting, and snickering at the old lady in the corner who cringes every time she takes a sip of her latte... 

And why do I bring all of this up today?  On a rainy and cool Wednesday afternoon?

Because on Wednesdays after school, I take the kids to their Faith Formation class at church.  Last year, I would pass the hour and 15 minutes at the nearby Starbucks, nursing an overpriced latte and questioning what I was even doing there.  Yet, week after week, I continued to go. 

But not this year.  No!  This year, a Dunkin' Donuts has opened near the church! So now I can spend a mere  $1.15 and enjoy a  deliciously smooth cup of coffee while reading a book.  And the best part - I have yet to encounter one texting teenager in this Dunkin' Donuts.

Guess they haven't heard that America Runs on Dunkin'. 


Kimberly said...

I will take your word on the coffee, as I haven't tried it at either doughnut shop. However, there is something about that bright, neon, "Hot Now" sign that makes me want to turn in and get me a KK!

Suburban Correspondent said...

My husband, a coffee lover, favors Dunkin' Dark over all else. I used to think it was because he, like your spouse, was brought up in Dunkin' Donuts territory; but apparently I'm wrong!

Pam said...

I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but I know my parents never go a day without a DD coffee...even when they come to visit me here in the land of KK!

Aimee said...

Agreed! Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best. I even buy the ground coffee at the grocery store and make it at home (although they do it better at the store!). We go to the DD drive thru every Sunday after church without fail. Yum.

(And I feel the same way about Starbucks coffee. Blech.)

Tracy said...

I must hit DD at the wrong times b/c I HATE their coffee. Now, it's better than McDonald's, but that's not sayin' much. I have tried DD coffee at least 3-4 times and it always tastes weak. I sure wish I liked it b/c it's much more convenient than having to park my car and walk ALL THE WAY in to Starbucks. You're right though, sometimes Starbucks does taste burnt, but I still prefer taht over DD! :)