Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A ring! Just want I did not want!

Baby Kitty gave me a present! A ring!

But don't get excited, it wasn't a diamond ring which is what I would have preferred - it was Ringworm!  (I don't think Ringworm is supposed to be capitalized but I'm doing it anyway, just for effect.)

We were at our final swim team party for the year (County Champs! Go Ducks!) and Jennifer's husband (who is a veterinarian - a very good one, I might add!) looked at my arm and knowingly said, "What is that?"

And there it was.  Ring Worm!!

So he got me some shampoo for Baby Kitty (who is most likely the fungus carrier) and told me to get some Miconazole cream for the Ringworm on my arm.

I headed to the drugstore and went straight to the first aid/skin ointment section.  I searched and searched and searched and still couldn't find the Miconazole cream. 

I went to the pharmacy to ask on which aisle I might find it.  The pharmacist and the two assistants who were working with her that day all pointed me to aisle three on the other side of the store.

Aisle three, I thought, on the other side of the store?  Why would the Miconazole cream be way over there so far from the pharmacy where the other skin ointments are kept?

As I got closer to aisle three, I realized that Miconazole cream was not just any skin ointment.  Aisle three contained feminine hygiene products. 

Miconazole is the generic name for Monistat and Vagasil!

I wanted to run back to the pharmacy and explain, "I don't have a yeast infection!  I don't!  Really! All I've got is Ringworm!"

I didn't do this of course.  Instead I paid for my cream and left the store embarrassed that all of the pharmacy staff thought I had a yeast infection when in fact, I merely have a little case of the Ringworm.

Because everyone knows that Ringworm is way better than a yeast infection.  At least that's what I thought until my brother saw my Ringworm and started gagging.  He was certain that there was a round worm living underneath my skin.

He didn't believe me when I explained that it was just a fungus and there wasn't an actual worm burrowed into my flesh.  He continued to gag and shiver.  I finally had to walk away.

At least you can "hide" a yeast infection - as long as you don't quiz the pharmacy staff on the location of Miconazole.

Seven days later, thanks to the constant application of Monistat 7, my Ring Worm is gone.  Thank you Quinn! 

And Baby Kitty, it's time for another bath.


Denise said...

Oh no, bless your dear heart. Bad kitty!!

Kerrie @ TFK said...

I had ringworm once - like you from my cat. But you were lucky enough to have gotten it on your arm....I had it in my armpit, during the winter. I ended up having to do the whole Monistat 7 application twice plus I had to take anti-biotics since I got it infected :(

What we go through for our

jennwa said...

Even though I already knew the story, I still laughed while reading it. That story will always put a smile on my face.

kim said...

i'm soory that is too bad. i thought it was a real worm too. i had it once as a kid on my was gross!

Pam said...

Well, I learned something new today! I thought it was a worm too, which is why I wondered how it was less embarrassing than a yeast infection!

beth said...

Oh, Beth. That is so funny!
Glad you got your, er, infection, taken care of. :)

Kimberly said...

For a second there, I wondered, "How did my son help her?" His name is Quinn too. I'm guessing the Quinn in your story must be the name of your friend's husband?!?!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh beth. I just love you more and more. thanks for the giggles. :)

Mari said...

You are so funny!
I had ringworm once, but I found the micanazole in a regular tube.

Andrea said...

I really DID "LOL" on this one!! Funny story: When Brian and I were dating, I rescued a kitten. It slept with me on my bed the first night..a couple days later me and Brian both had a "spot"..ON OUR NECKS!!! Long story short, we both ended up with a case of Ringworm, but mine was sooooo bad, I was given Rx cream and pills...I was covered in them, the worst being on my stomach! Ewwwwww, I know!

Barnmaven said...

We had three kittens bring it home and we fought it for months. Believe it or not, the fungus that causes ringworm can hang around in the dust in the corners and on everything for months. Wash all bedding, vacuum everything two or three times, or you may end up fighting it for a while! The worst was that it ended up on my son's head and it just kept spreading, because he kept itching it. Ugh. UGH! Hope it goes away soon!

Swistle said...

Are we SURE it is not a cheerio-shaped worm? Because that is what I have been imagining. Ring! Worm!