Monday, March 16, 2009

Miracle Monday

It's Miracle Monday this is what I would like to share with you today...

Do you ever wonder why you are here or what you are supposed to be doing? I wonder that all the time and I am always praying about it as well.

I know that God will show me what I should be doing, but I also know that he will show me in his own timing. But waiting is hard! Patience has never been my strong suit.

So I felt like God was talking directly to me when I opened my email on February 17th and read the Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional email that I receive every day. (If you don't receive this email already, you should consider signing up. It's always very inspirational and full of good insight.)

This days email was entitled "Let Go and Let God Work". Here it is in it's entirety.

Surrender: Let Go and Let God Work

by Rick Warren

Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for him. - Psalm 37:7 (GWT)

Surrendering your life means:

· Following God’s lead without knowing where he’s sending you;

· Waiting for God’s timing without knowing when it will come;

· Expecting a miracle without knowing how God will provide;

· Trusting God’s purpose without understanding the circumstances.

You know you’re surrendered to God when you rely on God to work things out instead of trying to manipulate others, force your agenda, and control the situation. You let go and let God work.You don’t have to always be in charge. Instead of trying harder, you trust more.

You also know you’re surrendered when you don’t react to criticism and rush to defend yourself.
Surrendered hearts show up best in relationships. You are not self-serving, you don’t edge others out, and you don’t demand your rights.

The most difficult thing for many people to surrender is their money. Many have thought, “I want to live for God but I also want to earn enough money to live comfortably and retire someday.”

Retirement is not the goal of a surrender life, because it competes with God for the primary attention of our lives. Jesus said, “You cannot serve both God and money,” (Matthew 6:24 NIV)and “Wherever your treasure is, your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21 NIV).

The supreme example of self-surrender is Jesus. The night before his crucifixion Jesus surrendered himself to God’s plan. He prayed, “Father, everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will, not mine” (Mark 14:36 NLT).

Jesus didn’t pray, “God, if you’re able to take away this pain, please do so.” He began by affirming that God can do anything! He prayed, “God, if it is in your best interest to remove this suffering, please do so. But if it fulfills your purpose, that’s what I want, too.”

Genuine surrender says, “Father, if this problem, pain, sickness, or circumstance is needed to fulfill your purpose and glory in my life or in another’s life, please don’t take it away!”

This level of maturity doesn’t come easy.In Jesus’ case, he agonized so much over God’s plan that he sweat drops of blood. Surrender is hard work. In our case, it requires intense warfare against our self-centered nature.

© 2008 Purpose Driven Life. All rights reserved. Rick Warren is the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., one of America's largest and best-known churches. In addition, Rick is author of the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church, which was named one of the 100 Christian books that changed the 20th Century. He is also founder of, a global Internet community for ministers. Pastor Jon Walker is a writer for

I'm still praying and I'm still waiting, but I'm trying to do it with a surrendered heart. I can't wait to see where he is leading me!

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jennwa said...

Those all are things that are hard to surrender. I know you are not the only person who need to be praying about these things.

Thanks for the great post. God definitely put you in my life to help me a better person.

Grandma T said...

This is just what I needed! Thanks for the post and I still want to be just like you when I grow up!

He And Me + 3 said...

What an awesome devotional. I get the girlfriends in God sent to my email everyday.

Annikke said...

Beth- I needed this today, right now. Thank you!

Debra said...


This was such a great devotional to read. Thank you for posting it. I'm going to look into registering for it too!

Blessings to you!

Mommy Cracked said...

Like the others, I definitely needed to read that today, too. Thank you. I hope you know you have blessed some lives today by posting that!

Denise said...

Bless you for sharing this.