Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Edition 31 and 32

It's Thursday and that means it's time for a list of what I've been thankful for the past TWO weeks since I wasn't able to post last week.  Here goes...

1. Safe travels.  It's a long drive to Massachusetts and back so I'm always thankful for safety while on the road.

2.  Good vacation weather.  It only rained on us one afternoon.  The rest of the time it was sunny!

3. Lots of rain at home.  Unfortunately while we were gone we got a lot of rain at home which lead to flooding in a lot of areas around here but the grass which was so brown and dead before we left is so green and gorgeous now. 

4. We lost a lot of tomatoes to all the rain (too much rain makes them split and bust) and some of the vines are diseased BUT we still had plenty of tomatoes when we got home and I was able to try a delicious recipe last night for dinner - Tomato Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Soup.  And even though it's hot outside soup felt perfect last night because guess what?  It was raining! 

5. We had a really nice vacation. I love my family and spending 10 straight days 24/7 with them is always fun.  It's not always perfect because in between all the fun activities and laughter there was definitely complaining and arguing but I think that's exactly what a vacation is supposed to be - it's never perfect but at the end, time spent with the people I love the most is always good.

6.I am also thankful for time spent with Dan's family - Dick, Jennifer, Jillian, Cathy, Great Uncle Bob and Ronnie.  We don't get to see them enough so having extra time with them during vacation is always a blessing.

7. My parents and brother - I am thankful for them always but especially when we are gone because they watch the house, bring in the mail, feed our cats, clean the litter box, tend the garden, and water the plants.  AND on the day we arrive home, my parents always have us over for a nice meal so I don't have to worry about cooking dinner - which is always nice because there is never anything in the fridge after a 10 day trip! 

8. Shoe Carnival's BOGO sale!  Yesterday Sarah and I went shopping for shoes for school.  I always have the worst luck at the BOGO sale because one kid will like something and the other won't and I don't get to take advantage of the sale.  Sarah and I went and she found the cutest pair of pinkish grayish Adidas (I think) and then we found 8 pairs of Nikes we thought Peter would like and texted him pictures of each pair and he picked one. Easy peasy!  Now all that's left to get is pants for Sarah and that's going to require a trip to the mall and a whole lot of prayers! :)

What are you thankful for this week?


Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm just catching up; I'll have to go and read about your vacay more. So many good things to be thankful for.....the soup sounds delish and I always love a good shoe sale.
I'm thankful for such a helpful family; I never would have made it through last weekend solo.

Gigi said...

I am jumping on board with the good weather for vacation. The beach we went to had 19 days of rain straight. The entire time we were there the weather was excellent! I saw the local forecast the morning we headed home....we got lucky.

Ernie said...

I think I did the fastest school shopping ever. Hoping I didn't miss anything. The kids are so much better now about finding the stuff they need in the isles as I call it out to them. I am glad you have such great family members nearby. My folks usually pick up a gallon of milk for us when we come back from being out of town, which I am always happy about! Glad you had great weather on your vacation. We did too, and it looked the opposite when we started out.