Monday, August 13, 2012

Bubble snakes!

I headed back to the car for more bottles only to find there were none.  So when it came time for big bubble fun, I made Sarah and Cheyanne drink the water from two water bottles.  We had just gotten back from the pool so I knew they were thirsty.  But when they both started belching like drunken sailors, I knew it was time to pour the water out and just get to it.

I did a better job cutting the bottles this time. Then I grabbed two light weight wash clothes and secured one around each end of the bottles with a rubber band.  Then I poured some Dawn dish washing liquid in a bowl with a little water, swirled it around with my finger and the girls lightly dipped the washcloth end of the bottles in the bowl.

Then they started blowing in the bottles and this is what they got:

Those are some serious bubbles!

Just make sure you tell your kids to blow out only and not to breathe back in.  Sarah learned this the hard way and once she got a mouthful of bubbles, she was over the whole thing. 


Mari said...

That's pretty cool! A mouthful of bubbles might end it for me too. :)

jennwa said...

That does look cool. I am glad Chey's second mom is the cool one. Because these days I am not.

deborah said...

Those are so cool!